The Pakistani Pathos

Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai,Maat,Thakan…got hooked on to Pakistani serials a couple of years ago when they were state sponsored and we were trying to build bridges but can’t get enough of it now with the anti Pak sentiments controlling our airwaves. So YouTube it is. What is this friend and foe business? I have had enough of it on duty. Now let peace prevail and pathos reign in our living rooms.

Yes, these Pakistani brethren have a great love for it. ‘Happily ever after’ happens in Indian soaps, whereas ‘Never Happy Again’ works for them! If everyone and everything indicates towards a happy ending, the female character is bound to be suffering with, and will die of cancer. They talk immaculate Hindustani and Urdu, dress up in pristine whites and pastels as though Baloch, Sindh and all are verdant meadows; and eat delicacies so reminiscent of my stints in Lucknow and Hyderabad, all pompous names for the unromantic gourds and legumes.

But that’s what I love. They have made a kill for the people like me minus the arsenal of the battlefield. Fawad and Saba, & Mahira have assassinated quite a few. No doubt, they have got better fan following on this side of the Radcliffe. Whoever escaped their charms got totally annihilated by Aatif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. What sonorous singing, such soul stirring notes! Every note they sing, each piece they belt out,is a lament of being born in Pakistan.

17 thoughts on “The Pakistani Pathos

  1. Excellent write ups💪🏾 !! Resonate so well.. panchi nadiyaa pawan key jhoken koi sharhad na inhey Rokey.. politics and power the real culprit .. love and art binds us all ♥️

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  2. Beautifully penned. Words flow so effortlessly from you Sush. Almost poetic….!! As much as I must agree, that stuff was indeed arresting.

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  3. Interesting observation…infact brought alive memories of watching the first ever pak serial ‘Ankahee’ n ‘Dhoop Kinarey’….nostalgic

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  4. I too loved those intense plots, dear Sush ❤ not 'reachable' anymore! Love your snippets dear, and do look forward to the 'to be posted' ones too 🙂

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