Meeting the 3 idiots-Part 1

Usually I never looked at the name board of our institution but that day something garish screamed at me, so I looked up and did a double take! Imperial College of Engineering??? Since when?? I stopped my car at the guardroom to show my ID and enquired about it. Movie shoot, I was told.

The buzz hit me during the coffee break. Aamir, Sharman, Madhavan, Boman and Kareena were on the campus ! It was difficult to behave myself,then on. I started taking info -feed from all quarters about the shoot and the location.One day I saw a lot of activity in the garden next to my classroom -spotted Aamir wrapped in a towel, gearing up to do a scene of washing his clothes with the garden hose. I used the age old excuse to rush out of macro-economics class.My friends were all tittering at me from the window but I stood rooted on the shoot location, with few others of my kind. Did I tell you that it was considered so “unfashionable” to be seen interested in film shoots at IIM,or so it appeared by the mass attitude. Nonetheless, few of my kind are always to be found. Aamir very sincerely and reverently nodded at me with a smile when I gleefully clapped after the shot. Everyday, I would prepare myself for an imagined encounter with Aamir and my conversation if it happened.

The crew was sharing the same dining hall with us, but these stars avoided food altogether I guess, as a full week had gone by without star spotting. One day, my eagerness was rewarded with the director Mr Raju Hirani finding a free spot at our table and spending his lunch hour, mostly talking with me.He made me talk about the campus and the academics whereas I could only squeeze in a couple of compliments on his creative prowess.He kept mumbling his gratitude. I still prayed for Aamir to appear…

to be continued…

18 thoughts on “Meeting the 3 idiots-Part 1

  1. That was some excitement phase… we used to be more anxious on the update of the shoot rather than the classes… you always used to provide that vital information to the whole class. And I remember asking Raju Hirani once during lunch that ‘your face looks familiar. Where are you posted?’

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  2. Excitement building on. Remember this as it was around this time your close friend send me friend request on fb on your behalf. Feeling guilty for not being able to recollect her name. And soon after ” tab we met ”
    Love you .

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  3. Waw loved this on too.. !! Tarey on ur zameen .. quite impossible to not get star stricken 😁👌🏽Yearn to hearing ahead ♥️♥️

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