A penny for my thoughts?

When writers can’t write, they call it a writer’s block. When bloggers can’t write, do we call it a thought jam? Yes, its jammed. It’s crammed full with people and thoughts but not one is shining through to the other side. So I decided to give my thoughts and your thoughts (in turn), a break.

Long ago, read a novel wherein the author went through a similar crisis so left a few pages blank. I spent money and bought that book and painstakingly went through her empty thoughts! I appreciated her courage and retold it often to many such impressionable youngsters! But not now. Who has the time these days to care a dime or consider it a penny’s worth to waste on vacant thoughts and empty paragraphs? My intuition said ” not so fast Sush! Just pause a while.”

So till we meet again…

9 thoughts on “A penny for my thoughts?

  1. a couple of things….. you could have filled those pages with your own version of the missing piece… imagine if everyone wrote so… would make a nice filler.
    Additionally, there was a movie in Tamil about a few pages missing … a person who goes through his wedding while in amnesia!!

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