Its ending… need to wind up my wayward thoughts. Interesting year… Innumerable experiences.

I learnt some new tricks, and unlearned some old ones.


  1. to hide myself on WhatsApp.😎
  2. flossing (the dance, and not what you do to your teeth!)
  3. eating sea food daily! I live on the coast now.
  4. basic communication in Malayalam.
  5. to leave behind the past, the stories and memories.

Unlearned :

  1. my attachment to places.
  2. my love for eating paan.
  3. hard core Hindi-colloquial manners to avoid being considered rude in Kerala.
  4. that December only meant winters! as it is 32degrees out here.
  5. that friends don’t age; they all have…(what happened to those handsome rogues ?!)

Yes! No resolutions and bucket lists yet! I neither am so resolute nor do I have one foot in the grave.


Amidst all this and more, the world & technology kept evolving at a lightening pace with no time for those who pause and ruminate.Its best to be firmly on the highway, not off-roading in the shoulder waiting for the right time to join the mainstream.

Are you, by any chance one of those who relives the past -scene by scene, regretting bygones and reinventing better endings? Pointless.

Signing off for this year with hope & wishes that better tidings await one and all in 2019!

30 thoughts on “2018…b’bye!

      1. Really appreciate your thoughts but not so very easy not to ruminate on past events always!
        However it is a reallyb nice piece of writing !
        You are indeed a gifted writer !
        Aunty Elizabeth

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      2. 😘 Thank you so much Auntie! Its a joy to see you here! You have done enough and achieved enough to have the peace of mind to ruminate at leisure but we , or rather I for one need to move on ! So much to do n so much more to add to this life. What do you say?


  1. Nice way to say goodbye to 2018.
    And welcome the new year with no regrets, prejudice etc. Let the year come in with new surprises and many more things to be revealed. Enjoy life as it is ours, only ours.
    Happy New Year πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽ§πŸŽΌπŸ«πŸ·πŸ’žπŸ’ƒπŸ‘―


  2. Nice …. Seafood every day sounds so YUM!!!
    I just learnt Flossing is something other than the process to squeaky clean teeth!
    Have a super duper New Year!

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  3. Flossing even a new term for me…now apart from salsa will have to check out what is flossing and yeah try it out…
    I feel you should not unlearn point 3 coz that will make you speacial and different in the Kerala crowd and that you will be proud of…may be now you can take up hindi tuition…😊😊…
    Point 2 : pan may be it’s hurting your teeth…start flossing…and you won’t have to unlearn it …..

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    1. #3 is a different language in itself. No Hindi textbook can come of help to these hapless people if an ‘ainwi’ is thrown at them!!
      Flossing is interesting- the Dance move I mean. Thanks Deepika!


  4. So my Sus is more the decent S. Indian. But it really hurts if you are not able to shout out the irritations in you with those words! Am still enjoying it with no plans of unlearn ing .
    Flossing related to dance? ?? My my ….didn’t have any clue. ….enquired with my kids. ..they are unaware too. Are bongs so laid ( lyad, the bong word for lazy) back even today!
    A new food for thought.
    I am into the psyche now that I am not going to change, adapt anything anymore. Shall be my original self. If anybody approves, welcome if not happily welcome that too.
    Keep writing. I just enjoy the simplicity and flow of your writing .
    Love you. Wish you a blisful year ahead! Happy 2019.

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  5. Nice good bye to 2018 ..yaad hae we used to recite a poem in school ..jahrna ki tarah bahta chaal … So life is beautiful learning something new n leaving something … have sea foods do flossing but be connected to old friends….

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  6. Nice ruminations Sush, light, breezy, fun yet level headed, braced with a dash of underlying humour …a fine reflection of the wonderful person that you are! Do write more, you have a flair for it.
    PS : We won’t mind if you throw an occasional “ainvee” at us! πŸ˜‹

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