A bit of yellow here n an extra yellow there, the colour sure makes me happy! I instantly take a liking to those who walk around dressed in yellow! Why not do Cheerful? Whenever the mood is a bit low, a small sprinkling of yellow is all it takes to pep up! A yellow top to go with my denims, a sure mood enhancer!

Especially when things are looking all dreary and dull, a yellow juicy pulpy mango to lift the sinking hollows of my tummy… Whole, sliced, cubed, carved, frozen or juiced,its your call! Mangoes go a long way in keeping my spirits high!

A beautiful yellow sunshine through the clouds, while you look at the distance… walking on the beach skirting the shoring waves as they curl away from underneath my feet, priceless!

Or a yummy sunny side up with golden toasts for breakfast! The dressing as depicted goes along with as much adventure you can allow on your pallete and plate.

This post was just a pause from the usual thoughts racing to find words and appearing on screen. A glimpse of my kind of whimsy, to show and share with you.Yes, sometimes, its good to do a Maria ( Sound of Music) and recount “these are a few of my favourite things”!

Have you walked through a boulevard lined with amaltas (cassia fistula) trees in full bloom? Has it given you the feeling of golden beauty showering upon you? If not, you must try it, its a devine upliftment of the puny self.

We all credit ourselves to be great thinkers, planners and doers. But do you spare a thought for yourself? All we need is to sit back once in a while and reflect on self. Have you done it yet? Have you let this whimsical thought float in… wherein you can pinpoint what you like; what gets you, what momentary thing pleases you?

When gloom surrounds me , especially in these debilitating times and with dark monsoon clouds looming outside my window…I simply bathe my thoughts and rooms in yellow!With lights I mean 😀

To end on a fun song by Beatles… Here comes the Yellow Submarine! Yes, it is a song for living in the moment, just like enjoying the colours of life!

We all live in a Yellow Submarine…

28 thoughts on “Yellow!

  1. वो गुलमोहर की लालिमा , वो अमलतास का पीलापन , वो ढलती शाम मे गुलमोहर को निहारना , उसके इर्द गिर्द जिंदगी के ताने बाने बुनना…
    Remembering these lines as I was reading through! There’s so much beauty and good feeling around us which we seldom had time to pause and take notice of. Covid has given a thunderous slap and made us realise the importance of simple things around which we should be thankful of and never take them for granted.

    Nice one Sush . Love you.

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  2. Yeah! After a session on color gradation in our Zentangles session, I’ve started to notice that my palms pull out the yellow the days I wake up with a happy bubble blowing big in my heart ❤ Felt happy meeting the YELLOW again here ❤ Also, let me tell you, your choice of images perfectly complement your thoughts my dear ❤ Thank you for yellow tinged beach ! It’s too perfect ❤


    1. Thank you so much for reading and liking the post ❤️ I go on clicking random images, those that please the eyes, n then they get their rightful place in my posts! Thank you once again Maya Chechi!


  3. I love yellow! However, I went wrong ever time I tried yellow paint in a room. Then when I painted my dining room I went with a cream. Instead, it was that perfect shade of creamy yellow I had wanted all along!

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  4. Such a creative vlog!!❤️
    You created YELLOW colour
    in every effervescenes of life.
    LOVE IT!
    YELLOW- It is the colour of happiness.☺️

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  5. Beeindruckend! Dies könnte einer der nützlichsten Blogs sein, die wir jemals zu diesem Thema gesehen haben. Eigentlich großartig. Ich bin auch Spezialist für dieses Thema, damit ich Ihre Bemühungen verstehen kann. Sibley Thorn Ahrendt

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    1. Thank you so much for dropping by and reading this post. It took me a while to notice it as it had landed in the spam box! Your comment on the post had to go through Google translate, n then get published 😊 Thank you once again for your kind words of appreciation.I have put the translation below…
      “Impressive! This could be one of the most useful blogs we have ever seen on the subject. Actually great. I am also a specialist on this subject so I can understand your efforts.”
      Sibley Thorn Ahrendt


  6. “Yellow yellow dirty fellow” 🤣

    I would prefer orange or blue sky rather..

    On serious note, wonderful compilation u hv made of different situations of daily life. Quite thoughtful indeed.

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