Here goes 2020

The world is not going to forget this year of human retribution. So much for ushering in a New Year and bidding adieu to the old, it’s actually Good riddance 2020; everyone is kind of waiting to exhale a sigh of relief into 2021!

However, my 2020 has not been any different than yours, just that it feels good to be sharing a few highlights that caught my attention this year! People, events and circumstances appear in a random order – see if you can relate to them…

1. Covid 19– The world is still unable to get around this virus…it has made sanitization-a buzz word for existence. I too have never been so clean and germ free in all my years on this earth… All my keedas ( Hindi for the proverbial worms and germs, mainly inflicting the mind😂) got exterminated in 2020. Immunity is all time high and God forbid any virus attack now 🙏 That reminds me of the latest occurance⬇️

2. The great conjunction– Jupiter and Saturn, our solar system’s two largest planets, were visibly closer together on Monday night than they have been in 800 years — marking an extremely rare celestial event known as the “great conjunction.” My excitement levels were aptly rewarded when I too could catch the celestial event for two consecutive days in the evening. They got better pictures in the USA, thanks to NASA. The name US got me thinking of their VP elect.⬇️


3. Kamala Harris– She rode her PIO status to success. For over a month just before and after the days of her victory, she was in every forward and tweet out here! Jubilant Indians felt like they had finally managed to own the USA.I felt she had nothing much to write home about other than archival pictures and stories, dug out by her and her far flung relatives, to prove her India connect! Hoping against hope for her ‘change of heart’ towards my beloved country. One guy who wears too much dare devilery is here in India…⬇️


4. Arnab Goswami– From an unassuming newsreader to an unapologetic media-man with his own brand of journalism, he is unstoppable. I have watched him the most this year and I kind of admire his gumption. From the newsroom to Police station to outside the Jail to his home, he kept on working at all his newsbreaks.

5. Work from Home– In the days of yore it used to be fashionable as well as a privilege to work from home. If one suffered too much with work and family imbalance, it gave one the requisite time for family emergencies and needs, as you remained connected to work with a laptop and your inputs. Then came April 2020, n it was only and only WFH. The office came home and people started suffering at home from too much family( time)!No suits, no ties… Ah, ties remind me of Mr Trump.

The Trump tie

6. Donald Trump’s neck ties– It always caught my eyes since the time he did a Namaste in Feb this year. Myriad colours and growing longer by each event, what did it signify? Boris Johnson also seems to have followed suit. What is the mystery behind this evident show? Anyway, our country has yet to solve a big one…


7. SSR death mystery– Sushant Singh Rajput, a country cousin, a cine star, a heart throb and a man with too many desires and wishes just left this world… in an alleged suicide… The country and media wrestled for a long time in solving the mystery, and like all newsmakers, he also faded away from public memory. His eyes with a dreamer’s look and a restless soul still stir emotions…Brings me to another person who has a great appeal. Seen him lately?

8. Narendra Modi’s new look– Saw him slowly taking on the Santa Claus look, with flowing beard and all, and we are not complaining if he promises goodies to one and all in the new year. He has schooled the country well, especially during the lockdown days.

9. Online schooling– It came as a boon, when the children were about to get bored, parents about to turn tyrants and school teachers were about to lose jobs! Although, the class got a break every 45 minutes with the student plonking on the bed or visiting the kitchen, it kept the schooling on and our children occupied in imbibing education!

And of course, there was the downsliding Indian Economy followed by its recovery, Kangana Ranaut waging a war in Maharashtra, sad demise of Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan, Elon Musk and his Space X, Farmlords staging a fancy protest in Delhi for the oppressed farmers ( oppressors came in support of the oppressed for the first time in India), Bihar elections, US Presidential election, a few weddings, many funerals, fires, storms, earthquakes and cyclones… all in the due course of one year.

Indian Economy,Elon, Kangana, Irrfan and Rishi in the clockwise order

Leaving you with a Kishore Kumar song which hints at the intrigue in meeting an unknown belle for the first time… It works well for 2021!( Unknown entity, unexplored time matrix)

Hope all of us step into a better and happier new year! Wishing a wonderful 2021 to one and all!

9 thoughts on “Here goes 2020

  1. You brought out the highlights of 2020 so aptly. Oh a year it has been. We got something so unique to narrate to our grandchildren.
    It has been a learning year no doubt, like, less is more, need to share with the less privileged, thank our good fortune for keeping us hearty and healthy and last but not the least to be humble appreciating whatever we are blessed with.
    Yes, hope we keep these lessons in mind and correct our ways and thoughts towards life.

    Wish everyone a very happy and safe 2021.

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