Just a l❤️vely song…

For those who still don’t consider Valentine’s Day as Blah 😀…

For all hearts which beat in the name of love…

For the young ones who observe a festival for a week every February, where love for the other is professed with promises, chocolates, gifts, cards, teddy bears, etc.

and the countless ageless lovers of all such poems, songs and movies created to celebrate this condition of the human mind…

Here’s an all time favourite from the Hollywood movie The Bodyguard ( 1992) sung by and acted in, by Late Whitney Houston…

Last year, from a city in the south of India, I was wondering over the redundancy of this special day in these times- but I am compelled to take my words back this year, as I sit bemused in another city up north! Young adults and teens are quite jubilant out here! Must be the vaccine as well as the latitude.

St Valentine inadvertently provided a holy name to this occasion and the world has been cheering ever since. A gift from the West, via missionary schools and colleges… it has found a huge market in India too. Cheerful teenagers and gleeful shopkeepers- and this festival of love!

Love as a feeling and being in love as a state of mind, both have been celebrated in all cultures , religions and sects of this world… oldest malady of the heart, probably as old as this Earth maybe. However, for everyone who discovers “it” for the first time… nothing is as enchanting!

8 thoughts on “Just a l❤️vely song…

  1. Lovely read Sushmita.. as always. Loved the last sentence – However, for everyone who discovers “it” for the first time… nothing is as enchanting! Lovely 💕💕

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