On opinions and instincts

What is about opinions that usually makes the listener cross? We who claim to know something about everything are often met with a reply on opining-” Keep it to yourself. “But we are great givers. Social media being a wonderful arena for opinions and speculations. I can say for sure that I do tend to add a few opinions always to a forward …Someone said- opinions are a sign of low intelligence πŸ˜‡Lo n behold! Still it cannot be stopped! Even a baby, new entrant to the world knows to make the right noises to express its will!

N then there is instinct. I have a strong one… Women usually have strong instincts. When wife says you gonna miss your meeting, you are bound to… Your other half knows your speed and the inadvertent glitches you have a tendency to land up in. When a mom says you are going to fail at your exams, better pull up your socks and get busy proving her instincts wrong! So someone said… strong instincts are more pronounced in animals 😝Help me dear God. They will say anything about women! Sisters, lets show them.

But jokes apart, humans can’t exist without opinions and instincts. Both are the lubricants in the cogwheels of our existence. Imagine people standing quietly outside the stock exchange or for that matter, no exit polls and loud opinion polls before an election results! Afterall what are views but polished opinions, isn’t it. Thoughts spoken out loud are opinions, speculations and sometimes wonderment and questions.

So are thoughts inversely proportional to instincts? Sixth sense, instinct are more pronounced in women, and they opine less and predict more. Beware!

10 thoughts on “On opinions and instincts

  1. Can’t miss any of our thoughts n reflections dear ❀ Though kind of scary, you’ve made me realize it’s not just me! So confidently going ahead with my animal instincts 😏😏


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