So I am changing

A shout out to the friend who asked me to stay young and relevant with the changing times… It got me contemplating and see, I took your advice seriously . My blog post has a new look to start with!

So, as the usual story goes, my climb up the hill, with greys spilling out n shining through on the outside of the head as well, was accompanied with lots of cliches that I believed in : -I am what I am… My thoughts make me who I am, Be who you are and say what you feel, You are the only you God made… I don’t fit into stereotypes… and what not.

So I carved myself this unique space and felt pretty good morning and evening…within my cocooned space, writing 2 minutes blogs and practising my own Zen, while the world continued ahead, alive and swinging! Dear Lord , was I aiming to spend the rest of life retreating to the Himalayas and meditating or what?!πŸ€”

Don’t tell me, you don’t live by them- cliches that descend upon us and how we start identifying with them I mean! One oft repeated one is “change is constant”. Such an oxymoronish phrase! They have a whole vertical dedicated to change management where I work 😁

After a long and disturbing skirmish in my mind, I settled down to the idea of changing to be relevant. It’s quite an uphill task, from where I am at the moment on the hill ! Who needs my changed self? I look around questioningly, but there is no one waiting to answer… They have gone past the next corner ! Probably everyone I come across… My family, friends, colleagues, the people I interact with and also the society I belong to- the writing was clear on the wall,” you need to increase your pace and catch up. In a nutshell, “change“”

New skills, a new look, new approach to problem solving and even a new diet, all towards staying relevant to last me some time till I go in for another overhaul, dear readers. Amidst all this swashbuckling, a new vigour to live longer, to enjoy my time on this beautiful Earth and treat everyone lovingly has taken root. Try it, this Change; it jolts you out of your comfort zone but it gives you an impetus to revamp and live on meaningfully.

32 thoughts on “So I am changing

  1. Sush dear ❀ your call for change came right in mind to meet mine ❀ . I've already acknowledged the fact that my down hill journey had begun conforming to the climbing numbers on my calendar! Well, I have no idea what hit me deep…the doc's persistent attempts to make me see reason or the 'heal' offered by the Amura team… well, I just dived in and decided to climb a bit more rather than give in! n into Day 5, I get to read this! double inspired ❀ As always, I love your write ups ❀ n I love this new look ❀

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    1. Thank you so much Maya Chechi πŸ’– you always surprise me with your thoughts…Is there any stopping you once you decide!? Your determination is exemplary and we shall all step on the gas together and be a part of it all πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺ

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  2. Change is always good if it’s for something better, I would still like to climb the uphill track but this time with my grey n white hair will take slower steps… Akhir dil toe baccha ji. Loved yr writing sush

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  3. Change is always good if it is for something better. I would still like to take uphill track with my grey n white hair but this time with slower steps.. Akhir dil toe baccha hae ji.. Loved yr post sush

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    1. 😁there you are… ready for a slow uphill trek… Oh yes πŸ‘ that trek should be slow, change management should be fast! Thank you dear Reshma for appreciating the post… so glad you read it😊


  4. Your way of looking and treating life will definitely inspire many …l believe life is like a roller coaster, it’s your choice whether you want to scream or enjoy……

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and liking this post dear Sony, your words brought so much joy. You said it right, its a rollercoaster!! Best part of it all, we realise that we are sitting on one , much too late in life …then, people like me start writing blogposts and some start making ‘meaning of life’ videos πŸ˜‚
      Jokes aside, its really our choice…


  5. Lovely write up!

    The message to change comes across so beautifully during the fall. I love it when the leaves teach us to let go and embrace change.

    Sushmita, I have been dwelling on a post with the theme of Carving out time. Will share when it’s ready. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much Harshi for liking the post and drawing upon the leaf metaphor to emphasize the need to change! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ I look forward to reading your thoughts on carving out time… Keep writing , your posts are brilliant

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