How to lose…

.. weight, my way.

Yes, this sure is a break from the usual πŸ˜€ A how to is a good breather.

First and foremost, determine if you are a wee bit overweight, fat or a little more. Yes, obese is an obnoxious term, let no one ever use it for you!

Then set an attainable target for 10 days. One kg to be lost in ten days. At this rate you can be 3 kilograms lighter next month!

Identify what aspect of the fatness irritates you the most- the tyres, the tummy, the double chin or the ample posterior.Work on it to see visible results. Targeted exercise only to reduce that objectionable part first, works the best. Neck and jaw exercises for double chin, toe touch for tummy and squats for that heavy seat. Leave the rest of your body at peace . Remember, if you go in for overall reduction, the climb is quite uphill and the summit remains elusive.

Don’t, please don’t skip any meal. Eliminate your weaknesses ( sweetmeat, fries, junk food) for a concentrated ten days. If unable to, just start with avoiding adding sugar to your intake ( white/ brown)… So tea, coffee will turn sugar less. No substitutes please.

Climb stairs- at least two flights everyday. It is the best.

Be ready to see some relaxed fit to all your clothes by the end of ten days.

This regimen worked for me. Its a self evolved+ trial n error methods all put together! I am not a dietician but a soldier ( veteran) and this ten days ‘sprint’ works for me everytime my foodie side takes over during festivals and celebrations.

Tell me if this worked for you.I am eager to hear from you.

And remember the golden words πŸ‘‡

13 thoughts on “How to lose…

  1. Kind of a regimen I’m on too ❀ n yes its working wonders ❀ I'm waiting for that 21st day of "NO CHEATING, dear" at a stretch to turn this venture into a habit ❀ The skip counts stalls my efforts hehehehe ❀ God sweets (all of them, I mean) are too sweet to say no to! ❀ ❀

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