Ode to the Moon

We tried touching the moon! It is this ethereal feeling that makes India’s giant leap even more wonderous! We as a nation have the most number of couplets(sher), poems, songs, stories and dreams involving this celestial body, and our attempt at kissing its surface and levelling all our romantic and fantastic visions and notions, has […]

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Meaning of your name

Just the day before, Amitabh Bachchan foxed and fixed a couple of guys on his “Kaun Banega Crorepati”(Who wants to be a Millionaire”) by asking them the meaning of the name ‘Rohit’. The friend of the contestant was a Rohit. Rohit went “red” ( 👈meaning) with mortification as he didn’t know the literal meaning. Do […]

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An afterword…

Going crazy got me some new friends and followers I have invites to join groups that deal with human psychology, human pain and misery, a psychiatrist’s study group and to top it all; cousins who have questions ranging from “all ok”? to “what is wrong?” 😁 Life is like that!

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Going crazy!

I feel bad for the people who claim that they never go nuts! Yes, those who never go crazy, I mean.Defining lines are decided by? Sanity ends at which point, any given definition perhaps? “Normal/sane as opposed to “abnormal”, “crazy”, “insane”, “going nuts”,” losing your marbles”, “wild”,”going bonkers” “crackpot”, “mental case”… and some more. We […]

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This name is trending today, more so now, than it was 20 years ago. Kargil day is gaining a celebrity status like our Independence day, all thanks to Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram in our lives. The nameless faceless soldier continues relentlessly, while some distinguished ones get the spotlight. He doesn’t get a selfie moment while […]

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Super 30!

Usually, I don’t do movies out here as I strongly believe in “to each his own” but today, I beg an exception. “Super 30″ is worth the words. ‘From the Slumdog millionaire family, but better. It’s so ploretariat but not of the alternate genre which is the unusual! It talks of “change”. You have the […]

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Sooth sayers

There seems to be endless woes and countless emotional pain in these harsh and tumultuous times. With social media adding to the mayhem in the human mind; our pain, agony and anguish have also transcended from the make belief world of the www! With it, a new breed of sooth sayers are also making inroads […]

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