Sometimes, things happen, miracles happen, events take place but most wonderful of them all is – when people happen to you. I hope you and me share the same feelings on the subject. How saintly and wisey-wise we turn when people happen to us 😀 We give it lofty names… Coincidence, Chance, Fate even serendipity( […]

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Oh Bombay

Sitting on the parapet of Marine drive to see the beautiful necklace light up in the evening or star hunting around Bandra Bandstand to catch a glimpse of Bollywood cinestars Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Rekha or any other… Bombay , a hypercity with an anglicized name and gloss attached to it due to Bollywood! […]

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Mrs Suh.

Strong oriental smells greeted me as I was ushered in. Taking in shallow breaths in her living room while Mrs Suh (pronounced suh rhyming with uh!) bowed and courtseyed to me in welcome and with a wide grin showed me her day’s labour. Big basins of fermenting cabbage with red spices sticking to the shards […]

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