The DP

She changed it again! Why daily darling? I asked risking her wrath. She smartly replied ” but you do check it out daily “. “And like you, many others do so too, so my objective is met.” I was stumped.

Virtual dating games have redifined relationship equations, don’t you think? But, who am I to evaluate that? It is the beauty of the “not so apparent”,that is praiseworthy . After all, they are meeting over first looks, daily, weekly or whatever the frequency. There is guarded mingling. Why should anyone complain? The youth is not rushing in today. They try out, gauge the other side, send feelers through status updates and then venture into something serious. I love this smart generation.Who said, they have sold their souls to the smart phones?

I give due credit to the young people who don’t latch on to you in trains, buses, flights. I love the young man on the bus stop who never lifts his head to ogle at the dames and finds a bigger thrill in some virtual battle winning virtual coins!

So let the Display Picture speak out to you. Of the hearts on display, of the hopes of love and interjections of anguish and heartbreak.If you can understand them, you belong with the generation next.

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