The word was nowhere around when I was growing up. Not even when I was majoring in English. It was not there when I needed it the most : to sum up the might and suaveness of the dashing young men trying to impress me! I had to resort to at least five to seven words to express my appreciation. And if for some reason you were tongue tied, gobsmacked or fell short of the right words, you did not make the cut, or were not impactful enough.

The advent of ‘awesome’ changed the way the world ought to look at feats. From an awesome bike to an awesome cup of tea to an awesome haircut to awesome weather and awesome pasta!! no other word can sum it up beautifully and convey the impact of being too good in a stupendously unbelievable way!!!

I have tried to borrow it and use it. The glee on the faces of my friends is approval enough when my forty something compatriots are bestowed with an ‘awesome!’ from me for a good cup of coffee or a great outfit or a snazzy hairdo. Similarly, you need not use up your whole vocabulary to praise the young these days. Excellent, Very good, Wow! all are there but a degree below. They totally and only understand ‘AWESOME’.

Coming soon… ‘whatever

37 thoughts on “Awesome!

  1. AWESOME!!!!😄Looking forward to ‘whatever’, ‘anyways'( where did that even come from???!!??😳), Chill and many more….

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  2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…… remember that one….. !!! That is how long it took to express your thoughts before ‘Awesome’ !!! Great piece Sush… waiting for ‘Whatever’..

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  3. Awesome writing and Awesome blog, we didn’t find your blog/writing in groups but here you started thats “AWESOME”. Looking forward for next part.

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  4. Very beautifully expressed Sushmita. The term AWESOME is indeed very expressive. I think it becomes so because ,both the subjective and objective elements or aspects tend to get closer — ie, what you see in an object ( or say in a feeling or thought) resonates with what the object wants to express about itself. After all subjective and objective are the two faces of the same coin.

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