It Does Matter.

So much has already been written about Kerala during the floods.Social media is abuzz with gallant tales and tales of misery , valour and tragedy. What does a puny Bihari like me do? I take my smartphone and share all of the above feats with my friends and relatives up north. I am astounded by the activism of the informed population. Everyone who knows to volunteer,has volunteered. The doctor, the engineer, the actors, the bureaucrats,the politicians, the priests, the fishermen, the football team, the IT geeks, the lawyer, the Electricity Board employees,the snake charmers,the drivers, the divers, the military, the clubs and the animal activists! They installed the faith back into the devastated spirits.The faith of a helping hand extending their way, no matter what!

Bihar gets floods every year and all the young rivers- Ganga, Kosi, Punpun, Gandak know how to misbehave; belligerent year after year, without ever calling it an annual off. Every year, lakhs of homes get inundated, mud and brick structures dissolving like emulsion to the swallowing waters. The helicopters do their relief work and go back home. But where are we? We don’t go. We don’t volunteer. We don’t feel the need to help. We do a bit of social activism along with the media houses who announce a few donation portals.What happens then?

The survivors escape to towns and cities to recoup and restart.They have had enough of this apathy.The paddy growing farmer becomes an apprentice to a carpenter in Kerala. The lentils reaper is now a painter in Gujrat. And the great granary of India is slowly losing its custodians and guardians to building apartment complexes.In my stilted Malayalam, I was desperately trying to explain to the interiors team about a certain change in the layout when the supervisor cheekily switched to Hindi and asked me to explain comfortably as all of his team were my country cousins.

12 thoughts on “It Does Matter.

      1. From my observations it can be explained as:
        1. There’s always a negative notion about Bihar. However educated or established a Bihari may be, he is just that “Bihari “.
        2. People have over the years considered everything inferior about Bihar.
        3. So drought, flood, poverty have to be a part of their life which they are believed to have inherited the adaptibility to cope up with. Hence they can help themselves.

        I consider myself much of a Bihari as I have spent 90% of my growing years in Bihar. It hurts when I see most of my friends having successful career residing in different parts of India , do hesitate to let out their origin.
        May be I am wrong but somewhere feel Biharis should come forward and let others know that there’s a much richer part of Bihar in terms of heritage, simplicity and much better fellow feelings.

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      2. So succinctly put. Yes this is very much needed. The disinherited State actually needs it’s prodigal sons and daughters. Thank you Arpita.You have added a valuable perspective to the issue.


      3. Your Post and update makes us feel very positive no matter what mood we are in, It touches our belief so deeply. To be perfectly honest, This report reminds me of yesteryears reporting that we miss so much w. It just talks about human predicaments.Thankyou so much for enlightening us that all is not lost yet….

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  1. Well explained about the difference between the two states, one literate and another partially literate.
    However the helping attitude of the residents of Kerela is not only literacy but the actual education whereas in Bihar which gives the nation their most IAS, IPS, Bankers, IITians, Doctors, Professors and what not, lacks the real meaning of being educated.


  2. Very interesting…and I am particularly impressed by all the discussion that follows. Here are the kind of people we need to run our country!! Educated….not just literate!!

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  3. Thank you Sushmita for understanding the Kerala people to the core…I was really thrilled while reading your description on Recent floods in Kerala and the way people helped each other..We are proud to possess you as the daughter in law of Kerala….

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