These forties!

I have been itching to write on this interesting phenomenon. All people of my generation are sailing in their wonderful forties.Some remarkable things have been happening to them, which needs a kind mention. This of course goes without saying that the phenomenon is universal.

So to start with, this post is dedicated to those forty plus men I know:

They have suddenly acquired mean motorbikes.

They want to be remembered for their Dukes,Triumphs, Harleys, Enfields, Yamahas n what not! Just bikes aren’t enough, they have formed clubs for organised admiration of themselves and their bikes.😁

They are hot on the social media-

They are live and kicking in the ether world all the time and also expect you to like, comment and follow them. These men tweet!😳and create big storms.

They know these Diets-

Vegan,Pegan,Paleo,Atkins,Ketogenic,Mediterranean, anything to make that beer belly vanish and push the years a bit back. I swear I have seen one of them actually munch sprouts by the count! and wolf down a calorie laden chocolate cake slice( One fine boss was he! always on a diet 😁)

Conneiseurs all-

They have been reading, trying and discovering for themselves, be it wines,cheese, chocolates,oysters,tea, coffee, classical music- dance- drama- Indian and of the world, all! Now, they are the authority.

Sporting a new look-

from being a clean shaven good guy to the lumbar look; they ensure surprise if not awe! Goatees, Whiskers, Handlebars are appearing on their faces.Some of them look awesome but most of them require to be shown the mirror!πŸ˜‚

They have all become men of steel!

Gymming, muscle training, cycling, trekking… who said 40+ was middle aged? Their dedication is system defying and the roads and hills are alive with the sound of …πŸ‡πŸš΅πŸοΈ

They love reunions.

Its happening all around us, with these 40+ men trotting across the globe to meet up old buddies and sweethearts!πŸ’•They all get back a little more pensive.( Hmm😎! hearts are beating a bit louder)

New vocabulary. There’s no stopping them as they ‘babe’ n ‘baby’ you! and try to effortlessly converse with the Gen Z teenager with as many YOs, LOLs, TYSMs, Awesomes, Toxics n Cools! They talk what the buzz is!

Climbed the hill-

So what! they all have, and there is no getting down! One or two have got pushed down on to the wrong side a bit early but they too are taking it sportingly with a new look! Not resorting to the cover up with dyes- is also the new “cool”!

Let’s live it up is their Mantra. New wardrobe, new look, new passions( skydiving, jungle drive, rafting, trekking… you name it, they jump to it.)are shaping these forty something men, and we are loving it.

Its amazing to see the metamorphosis around me. I am sure most of you have this phenomenon occurring in your respective homes and fraternity. Do add your bit on the missed out masala!!

Photo Courtesy: Rajeev,Saurav, Girish, Munnawar and Nandkishore.

*Disclaimer: this blog targets all 40+ men and in no way spares those who have got away from my scrutiny.

40 thoughts on “These forties!

  1. Sush ❀ interesting & entertaining as ever ! One more thing, we in the late fifties too have our own dare devil groups, the young-old women’s koottam, to hike, bike, and chill up among the clouds πŸ˜‰

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  2. In addition to being the flag bearer of metro sexuality , looking impeccable , flaunting mean machines and toned bodies , its about self actualisation. With economic freedom Forties is best time to fullfill the need of self actualisation.
    We men are equally amused by the same transformation among women in their forties.

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  3. And I realised I am at the fag end of 40s and am yet to experiment something different something new!!!
    Am I being a lazy bong?
    Am I the boring bong?
    Am I just going with the boring daily routine? ??
    Oh my goodness! What am I doing?

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  4. The lumber look is going to stay for a while among us young people too…😎😎😎 (It’s a different story that I can’t grow one yet😜😜😜)

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  5. Good one !….
    …..somewhere in the awesome “forties”, there is this realization as to you have reached that point in life where you are “old” enough [ read it as financially established πŸ™‚ ] to afford the things you’ve always wanted to do and at the same time “young” enough to enjoy them…
    Guess, in the “thirties” we were kind of stuck in “routines”….:)

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  6. Going by the list, I seem to be missing on a lot of activities. Skydiving is surely one of them I m trying pretty soon….
    Interesting observations…

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  7. Lol.. genuinely true. I see it too all around myself. Myself trying to hold on to my fourties. After reading this.. I say Sush you rock my world❣️

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