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Just the day before, Amitabh Bachchan foxed and fixed a couple of guys on his “Kaun Banega Crorepati”(Who wants to be a Millionaire”) by asking them the meaning of the name ‘Rohit’. The friend of the contestant was a Rohit.

Rohit went “red” ( 👈meaning) with mortification as he didn’t know the literal meaning. Do you know the literal meaning and the connotation of your name? Are you living up to it? Is a Ranjit always winning wars or a Mrityunjay not to die ever? Or does a Jitendra conquer the five senses? Or will the Durga destroy all evil? Does Rahul – conquer all miseries?A few Punjabi names are exceptions though: A Gernail Singh or Karnail Singh is no less than an Army General or Colonel!

There is no beating the “bindaas” (care two hoots kind) Hollywood at the name game. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West call their children Chicago, North West etc. Denim is the son of Toni Braxton. Sunday, daughter of Nicole Kidman… Ideally, a nil responsibility name is the best for the over burdened modern child. Gen next names with Soviet,Persian, British influence or of any other kind- are a relief! Leave the herculean tasks of gods and legends out of the name and make life simpler!

Thank God for small mercies-mine got restricted at ‘smiles’!


My friend Rose is a rose though! and we don’t like to call her by any other name.❤️

28 thoughts on “Meaning of your name

  1. I had trouble with my name all my life. Acha tells me he was inspired by a great writer and a great actor. Chandrashekhar azad also used it as his penname.

    But….people call me all sorts of names!!! 😁😁
    – Baal raj
    – Bal raj
    – Ball raj
    – Balaraj
    – Bell raj
    – Occasionally Baalaajee also!!
    – Balu (pet name), yes that too
    During my Chicago days, the americans found the name too difficult to pronounce. So they chose “Belgium” 😁😁
    It is all in the name… trust me! If you get it wrong.. you really feel bad!! 🥺😁
    Yours faithfully

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  2. Well said dear 🙂

    Well, about my name ! All went well until my high school days where I became Maya Devi rather than the until then – ‘Maya’. History classes, especially the ones where Sri Buddha was introduced, took it one step further! I turned ‘Sri Buddha’s mother’ !!!! And now, I’m all ‘illusion’! I really wish I were at times 😊😊😊😊

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  3. Wonderful.
    But, it becomes very difficult to follow life as meaningful as name.
    For example, Ramchandra Guha has no character of Ramchandra ji, rather he behaves like a Mlechha.

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  4. I am a bit confused because surely there’s cultural difference and I feel that’s the identity of India, it’s cultural diversity. I don’t believe in parents forcing their kids to prove their name but I personally feel that name does have an influence on an individual’s indentity, mainly scientifically; vibration and sounds.

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    1. Well said! The naming culture itself is in lines of seeing a baby as something or someone or wanting the baby to be like someone, if not fully then at least in essence. The denotation is easy but the conotation at times is tough to carry! Thank you for adding your valuable bit to this discussion.


  5. Hey Sush as the name suggests u def add smiles on faces ; as for mine mother named me after her favourite deity Maa Durga .. think it Has def made me believe am an extension of her highness .. a speck from her entity simply meant to beautify lives around and make a meaningful existence till I cease to exist .. names def has its impact and I feel subconsciously if one knows and realises it’s true meaning it does mould a personality in out ..
    Loved reading this one as always Sush my Smilo.. sending bk few more along 😁😁😁😁🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪keep smiling as it brightens our day😁😁😁😁😁love u

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    1. Yes Shobhna, the one who shines bright, is splendidly beautiful!Absolutely and adorably so! The connotation is usually the boon or bane! You can rarely find a Duryodhan, Vibhishan, Draupadi, Kunti, Gandhari, Kali etc as baby names. We are vary of its alternate reference!
      Till that night of KBC, I actually was not aware that Rohit means Red literally. The inferred meaning known to all is of course Sun/ Leader !
      Thanks a lot for adding your points of view. Keep reading!

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  6. Well-written
    Again in concentrated form .
    Very few people are living up to it.
    Yudhishthir was called Ajatashatru because he didn’t nourish enemity in his heart for anyone. He loved Duryodhana , Shakuni and Karna too.
    Now just think if Gen Next name is Gogula inspired by Google or just like that……
    Many things coming up in my mind.
    Needless to mention I have to make many people’s life उज्ज्वल
    Thank you for sharing
    थोरा सोचने को मजबूर कर दिया

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  7. Hi Sushi, Though I never bothered about meaning of names, it gives me a smile someone ask me the meaning of my name n I reply with another question…in which language?? It’s different in different languages… A nice article. Just a suggestion.. not to bother about name but action shall make them written in Golden one day!

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  8. Fajnego masz bloga i ciekawe na nim treści czy na serwerze wszystko sie zmieści ? pięknie frazujesz słowa zmuszasz przy tym do myślenia tym komentarzem życzę powodzenia 🙂


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