Ping a like, will u?

What is your ‘go to’ gesture online? Mine is πŸ‘. It’s just a ping away and I do my bit of positive social networking. Come to think of it- in Hindi, it goes by quite a contrary meaning!! ( Tthenga dikhana) 😁but English it is for the time being!

In these text happy times, in virtually networked groups of family, friends and colleagues, the levels of texpectations is beyond compare! We forward more than cogitate, we lift thoughts and pass it off as ours and we have a lot of borrowed opinion.Helluva borrowed opinion, most of the time😊. Then we indulge in team building as we troll, we ignore, we condescend, we heap false praise, we condole( ohhh!! RIPs deserve a separate blog) we rejoice and we preach like … demi gods of social norms and practices, while all the time waiting to be liked.

A friend quite often WhatsApps me, with a command to like her post on Facebook,😁 we both are so “social media savvy!” I too go counting the likes like most of us, when its my turn. Does it denote “nil individuality”? Are we slaves to these ‘thumbs up’: a placebo for the mind? What are we coming to- its either sly and covert communication or mob mentality in the virtual world! The smartphone is still quite a lollypop for us, the deprived youth from the turn of the century, along with the young millenials,so this malady is here to stay.

So do you open your eyes to a bright forwarded post and stick a πŸ‘ to it or you wait for the scene to warm up a bit? Do you lead or toe the line? Or do you consciously ignore and ostracize?What is your style of group participation on social media? Is it creeping into your real life?

17 thoughts on “Ping a like, will u?

  1. Wah.
    Excellent thoughts.
    What do I do?
    1. Quid pro quo – if someone liking my posts, I always reciprocate if I notice a post from them.
    2. Some people r special – any nonsense, I like it 😎
    3. I comment if it is mentally stimulating.

    Interestingly, on three occasions it so happened that I met these 3 people in real life with whom I had quid pro quo online relationship. Unfortunately, they failed to acknowledge me in real life. I learnt lesson. Not every FB friend is ur real friend.
    Now, I keep online friends at bay. πŸ˜‚

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  2. I found you back through FB. It’s been so easy to remain in touch with most of your aquaintances through social network. Remembering birthdays are a good relief.
    Apart from these I love studying people through their posts.
    But yes I am still myself and do not try to follow all of it.

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  3. Thank you
    Again food for thought.
    Generally I prefer to speak.
    But yes now a days we have to reciprocate in the social media so we have to use many gestures.
    I liked the word tthenga .

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