Soulmate ?

This term has surfaced in a big way especially amongst those of us who seem disconnected with their own selves, disgruntled with their life choices, often resorting to relating better with someone else (usually from outside their realm of acquaintances) ; even with a stranger in a pub! But then, why this quest? Why is the most intelligent being on this earth bogged down with a trivial pursuit like – wanting someone else to discover and identify with your soul ! A puzzling phenomenon, but is it necessary? Someone said:

“Before you look for your soulmate, find your soul first”


When was the last time you found your soul and came face to face with it? Looking at yourself steadily for sometime in the mirror and smiling at yourself is the easiest way to come face to face with it. Have you tried this? You will realise that your smile fades away sooner than expected, you look at the person in the mirror and wonder…Who is this?! Try to gauge the face objectively, as you go way past the facial features, the eyes, the thoughts and the expressions that speak out to you- will appear far removed…like it’s a stanger in the mirror. Believe me, its like meeting a new someone. At times the eyes tear up! Am I feeling sorry for the person in the mirror? What can I change?

That’s how I try and discover my lost self sometimes… Its an exercise at soul search and self realisation… Mirrors and mirroring aspects of nature are probably there to help us with this awareness. Before I start on the quest for the meaning of life ( a pre ordained stage in life ☺️) good to know that I can meet with my soul at times… how about you?

PS- Chanced upon this beautiful poem from long back…

17 thoughts on “Soulmate ?

  1. Nice one Sushmita. And it takes courage to accept the truth about oneself . It takes more courage to correct or change oneself upon realising .
    Hope I am able to take this up.
    Love you. Keep writing.

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    1. The lack of acceptance simply leave people wandering for search of perfect soulmate. However, it’s not always true, sometimes you do get stuck with differently align soulmate. And the moot question will be..How far you are willing to balance the act will always be a tough call.

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      1. Yes, you are right in the way you perceive it. I personally feel that our decisions/ choices should not give us an opportunity to regret or revisit it… The day we are able to face our inner self, are able to stand by our own decisions; the need to regret/search becomes quite small..The soul knows the right thing. Thank you so much for visiting my post and adding your valuable thoughts here. I am really happy for this response.Please keep dropping in.


  2. A beautiful post from you, Sushmita! Your words resonated with me and I just wrote a paper for one of dance pieces ‘ the most familiar strange’ . Basically the same idea as your just fantastically put into words.🥰🥳
    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. That is so crazy b/c I ran across this poem I wrote many years ago. I had it in the drawer beside me as I read your post. It reminded me of it.
    Beyond the Mask cStacy Wilson
    Who are you, I ask the face in the mirror
    Who is this woman looking back at me?
    Masking in disguise, I look deep into my own eyes
    There you are I say gently to myself
    For these eyes are the mirror image to my soul
    To look inside myself and find the woman I know
    This face, so many shapes
    This body is just the home I keep
    Look inside I say, what do you see?
    A broken moon peiced back together through the years
    Mended peice by peice with the wisdom of my tears
    Yet there is something new I see
    A light shining bright with intensity
    Thank you God, I say out loud
    You are the light I’ve found inside
    Part of my heart that remembers my dreams
    Thank you for never giving up on me.

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    1. This is so beautiful 💖and… what a deja vu’ moment for you! Thank you for visiting my blog and relating with it. At times when I see people so superficially identifying soulmates… it triggers this thought of how unaware are we of our own ‘self’…


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