Excuse me..?!


Many a times, after an elaborate explanation, if the listener says “I don’t get you!”, you are undone! Gosh, what was I speaking then?? The realisation that I could have been clearer or smarter got me thinking, and made me come up with some solutions for myself… It is all about building the power to speak intelligent.

I started to Listen attentively to intelligent conversations.

Always Read in between linesπŸ˜€ there lies perception… The grey area between the written/spoken word and it’s apparent meaning. May land you in thick soup at times, but listen to get to the underlying meaning, or the sandwiched intention.

I also learnt to Repeat the question if groping for an answer as it may click in the cue words, or someone may butt in first! (Usually in a group) Such people make your task easier.

I say, don’t skip the newspaper and also the news shorts on the mobile phone. It gives you instant general awareness… you can speak on a relevant topic, if need be. Works best with colleagues, and also for texting smart opinions in groups.

Practising profound silence gives me time to think. Being gainfully taciturn helps, specially with spouse and tough situations. Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words- remember!

Intelligence is opportunistic… You may know all about ‘something’ and be tagged super bright or you may know nothing at all about a certain topic and be dumbstruck. I steer clear of such sticky situations specially when I know that I may not know. Like an evening out with TECHie guys!

Sometimes, listening to yourself speak is quite an eye opener. Even Oscar Wilde seems to have felt likewise πŸ˜‚:

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