Ta-da! Goblin it is…

Why do these Oxford guys announce the word of the year so late?We subalterns are always left in the lurch. Why can’t they do it like the Chinese ? Declare “the year of …” right in January, n you have 11 more months left to be a pig, mice or rabit!

Anyway, since I just heard about this Goblin thingy, I have seriously got into the Goblin mode… a bit late but why not!? Chucked all the slave masters away (ahem! some only mentally…) Trying to live slow, behave lazy, acting self indulgent- eating and lounging around, (no checking self on the dos and don’ts) and pampering self beyond belief 😂…to hell with all the rules and norms!

Just about two weeks of 2022 remains…let me live this word off ! See y’all soon☺️Merry Christmas 🎄

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