Viva Magenta!

Colour of the year! It’s this all new viva Magenta …bold, bright, beautiful and visibly fearless.

One must ‘Magenta up’ to stand out. Viva Magenta is a must have colour in your wardrobe this year – say the fashion gurus. Its bold and brave like 2023…

Reading this out loud from the newspaper, I looked up at the fellow humans in my abode, none appeared interested. I repeated the sentence. One of these colour illiterates asked – what is Magenta? I showed them the full pallette – the family tree of Magenta on Google.

“Oh it’s Pink!” pat came the reply. Hence proved -Men are colour blind.

I say- “Nooo, it’s not a pink Pink! It is…

A pink that has been beaten black and blue…?πŸ€”

An unconventional red that has the blues?? πŸ˜ƒ

Or a blue that blushed pink?😜”

Just wondering how to make it work for me. The suggestions coming my way are way off my way, but I am still exploring…

Oh my gaud-y! I don’t possess a single magenta stuff unless you count that pink towel which went jiving in the washing machine with my blue bedsheet and came out with flying colours…

Will buy magenta soon, I need to be brave and trendy…Viva-(magenta)cious meπŸ’•

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