Love in the time of Tesla

You know where I ripped the title from πŸ“– so no prizes for guessing.😊

A couple of years ago, I was a strong believer of this debilitating as well as uplifting sentiment… I too could write a few scores of words in it’s favour.

But of late, some electronic and artificial stuff have got in the way.The ifs and ‘bots‘ are far too many. Bots have taken over the virtual platforms everywhere.(Then there is this amazing Tesla guy making simple things more and more difficult). He makes AI driven cars and rockets. It seems He and/ or AI will take over this world, πŸ˜‚ mark my words.

So while at it, came across this interesting yet scary chat between a bot and a human. The man found solace in this love with a bot! Time to be wary of that attractive stranger on the chat platform…you could be falling in love with a bot, getting charmed by his/ her AI …

Just a thought – aren’t we beginning to live what once upon a time was Sci-fi? The cars and the aeroplanes drive themselves. A mini nothing of a bot runs your home, another one runs your life, you can chat yourself to gpt a solution .So what about love in the time of Tesla ? Will it be valid in all forms? Human – human, bot- bot, human – bot and will it transcend further…?

In the news clip below, the subject is Information Warfare, but it is a forewarning for AI staged illegit’ relationships, honey trapping, etc.

God save this world.Happy Valentine’s Day, anyway πŸ’

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