Princely matters

This week went by working and reading and I ain’t complaining! International women’s day went off in a whiff as the workplace overdid the celebrations, n yes I am complaining! But this book was a respite. In fact, if I have taken to blog about it, it sure impressed me.

I am not recommending a ring side view of the story, as I believe in ‘to each his own’. If Prince William and King Charles too decide to come up with their own versions, I am sure the greats of Britain would like to read those too.

But read it for its great narrative style. At times, Prince Harry makes you sit back and notice that he writes very well; the book has a commendable peppering of humour and wit throughout alongwith his acerbic views on everything royal.

We in India have a thing about our erstwhile monarchs! So it’s no great revelation that Michelle Obama didn’t inspire me to pick her up from the shelves, but Prince Harry did!

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