To Harry Belafonte

The party that we conjured up every weekend in the thick of strife and battle clouds… our music system was sure to croon out your songs dear Harry as the evening turned mellower and the spirits rose higher in the soul, and vanished from decanters…You know, it struck a chord with every forlorn soldier. Even […]

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Her voice of love

If music be the food of love, play on William Shakespeare True that, especially in this second week of February. That no one in India can express their state of mind better than with a song when in the fits of lovešŸ˜‰also is understood very well by the world (so hopelessly steeped in music are […]

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1. the courtyard This year somehow started with looking back. Blame it on the passing years, the heart and mind say “recall, lest you forget!” Within a moment, my mind conjures up the beautiful facade, the rectangular courtyard with innumerable rooms opening into it, a Tulsi (holy basil) with its prominent parapet for offerings and […]

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