To Harry Belafonte

The party that we conjured up every weekend in the thick of strife and battle clouds… our music system was sure to croon out your songs dear Harry as the evening turned mellower and the spirits rose higher in the soul, and vanished from decanters…You know, it struck a chord with every forlorn soldier.

Even better when someone brought along a guitar and poured out his emotions with …” sad to say…” It was almost an anthem, played out again and again, every party, every get together during those trying times.

You lived long and hopefully a very happy and fulfilled life as your work inspired social change. You pioneered several movements and left behind a beautiful musical legacy. But believe me, your Jamaica Farewell …your clear voice always penetrates the soul.

For me, a puny person, this side of the oceans, I shall always remember you by this song that brings in a storm of memories; of hard, rough days and uncertain nights during Kargil ops in the unforgiving reaches of the Himalayas; of young officers singing their hearts out in the mountains of Pir Panjal…

Here is to you dear Harry Belafonte🍻

Jamaica farewell

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