A powerhouse and a happy go lucky person who never lets hurt and pain show, who is on call 24X7 and her joie de vivre is as infectious as can be- she is limitless in her small and cute version. A popular person in her friend circle and local community, she has recently found the wonders of social media very engaging, has started enjoying the western version of celebrations even more as she treads into her mellow years, so I had to write for her on this Mother’s Day..

I don’t remember celebrating mother’s day in my growing years,as there was no internet and America was still across the oceans! The British had only brought in birthdays and wedding anniversaries to India so life was easier ☺️ But on the flip side, the Gen X,Y, Z and now Alpha have something worthwhile to do today, use their smartphones to wish their moms. The Gen Alpha in my house decided to make a huge song and dance about it for me, and boy am I not happy 😁

Mummy, I don’t need to thank you only on this day as my being is owed to you πŸ™ You have been my support, my pillar of strength,my punching bag, my crying pillow and even my play companion as you effortlessly played the role of my much needed sibling… You managed it all, with aplomb. I am grateful to God and Papa for you 😁

I enjoy keeping my arm around your shoulders as you stand shorter than me, cuddling into you, even more so now when life has taught me how precious parents are, I can seamlessly switch from asking your well-being to cribbing about my hubby and life to you. I feel privileged when you just pick up the phone and take my advice . You make me feel responsible.Thank you. I need you around me always.

This post is for you Mummy! Happy Mother’s Day πŸ’

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