and it’s December

We have hurtled into December and 2021 won’t be missed by millions of people around the world. It surpassed its predecessor in notoriety; ravaging the world and leaving scars all around! Last December, we prayed, but not hard enough I guess. The year started with so many wishes and what did we finally get? The […]

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How to try not to lose…

resolve on a weightloss diet!…yeah, another one in the series 😁 Wonder how people stop at munching a raw salad while a creamy, fully loaded spaghetti carbonara arrives across the table!Takes a very strong will, almost a soldier like determination and a self curated image of a svelte self at the end of the tunnel!I […]

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How to lose…

.. weight, my way. Yes, this sure is a break from the usual πŸ˜€ A how to is a good breather. First and foremost, determine if you are a wee bit overweight, fat or a little more. Yes, obese is an obnoxious term, let no one ever use it for you! Then set an attainable […]

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Random Thought

“Inspite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl That’s all the motivation I need to keep me going amongst strangers and friends alike. Sharad Ritu* is here, a precursor to winters. Our Indian calendar for festivals for this year is drawing to […]

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Soulmate ?

This term has surfaced in a big way especially amongst those of us who seem disconnected with their own selves, disgruntled with their life choices, often resorting to relating better with someone else (usually from outside their realm of acquaintances) ; even with a stranger in a pub! But then, why this quest? Why is […]

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So I am changing

A shout out to the friend who asked me to stay young and relevant with the changing times… It got me contemplating and see, I took your advice seriously . My blog post has a new look to start with! So, as the usual story goes, my climb up the hill, with greys spilling out […]

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Sometimes, things happen, miracles happen, events take place but most wonderful of them all is – when people happen to you. I hope you and me share the same feelings on the subject. How saintly and wisey-wise we turn when people happen to us πŸ˜€ We give it lofty names… Coincidence, Chance, Fate even serendipity( […]

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Jai Ganesh

It’s his birthday today. Our homes are reverberating with hymns and chants in his honour. One of the most mystical Gods of our Santana dharma (Hinduism in popular culture), he with an elephant head, pleasing rotund appearance, and an amiable disposition is loved by one and all in India…There is a gamut of meaning attached […]

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Oh Bombay

Sitting on the parapet of Marine drive to see the beautiful necklace light up in the evening or star hunting around Bandra Bandstand to catch a glimpse of Bollywood cinestars Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Rekha or any other… Bombay , a hypercity with an anglicized name and gloss attached to it due to Bollywood! […]

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