Re reading…White Tiger

When The White Tiger made an entry into the Academy Awards with a nomination for the best adapted screenplay… I kind of sat up and took notice. What prompted this selection? Was the book worth retelling on celluloid? I had almost not believed Arvind Adiga then. More than a decade later, the movie ( The […]

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The heart has its reasons

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is being trolled for wearing his heart on his sleeve. Its okay, leave him alone. He is 56, has the money ( for ali+mony) and has no feeble functioning heart! Remember, only he got us away from doogna Lagaan ( Hindi for ‘double taxation’ used as a punishment by the British […]

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Smell of rain…

It appeared first on my blogosphere as one of the quirky taglines of a blogsite. Curious hunting on Google revealed a treasure of information including its scientific cause. Going further… Australia had already beaten the Indians at naming the phenomenon!Oh what a drop. Inspite of giving Zero and Yoga to the world, we couldn’t patent […]

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So what have you learnt?

So far? In life? In an institution? Hash total of all of them together ? Try answering them. I bet you are almost about to scoff out – “nothing”! Or come out with some profoundly wise and weighty words like… resilience, acceptance, honesty, humility, or pedantic stuff like engineering, medicine, architecture, business management etc… Once […]

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Thought for food

Just one thought perhaps…? Today, its about these stylish food shows on TV. Especially the ones with chefs from the European, American and Australian shows! Just finished watching Season 12 of MasterChef Australia. These cook offs and exclusive shows by Michelin starred chefs are a big draw for my kind of people, who love feeding […]

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An abstraction. Untouchable Unfathomable Immense Blue, grey, black, white,yellow, pink, orange, gold… It’s one of the perks of being an earthling… you can have your own sky. Looking, gazing and wondering at it’s seamless expanse. These months of lockdown have given me several beautiful days of beautiful skies. Every time I look outwards, the endless […]

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No conflict…

Times are tough and tricky. There is more dislike fuelled by conflict of ideas than pathology. Pathology of dislike? Like having a strong, uncontrollable blanket hate/ dislike or antipathy towards a certain people or person coloured by years of grounding or feeding of bytes of hate. We do wonder why Israel and Palestine can’t settle […]

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Dear Prime Minister

“I have failed”…said a doctor when he could not save his dear brother as Covid continues marauding and ravaging lives in my country… Lofty talks of oxygen plants being set up, oxygen trains shuttling between states and provinces, world coming with medical aid to our doorstep while we continue with the ugly dance of democracy […]

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I send prayers…

This fortnight has been emotionally testing for most of us in my country as the second wave of the Covid Pandemic has decided to ravage and roar… Someone or the other from amongst us, or connected to us in some way has been afflicted. We hear stories of hapless family members running pillar to post […]

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Here comes…

I was on the highway speeding to reach a distant place when saw this local passenger train shuttle by, beautiful and mirage like… carrying with it all my memories of childhood, whistling through woods and fields, trips to places beyond the horizon. When the beast of a steam engine, puffing and grunting to transport me […]

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