Back to School!

Two long years of school from home. How I wish… if only this pandemic thingy had visited us when we were kids. It would have been a pure closure… No www, no laptop, no school from home! Usually it took all the meditative and mediative powers between God and me to declare a holiday on […]

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The braves…

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow’. Mary Ann Radmacher What do you make of those countless nameless faces we come across daily on the streets of India- pushing carts in the scorching sun, carrying sacks on their backs and […]

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Have you heard of wicked problems? Systems thinking says, they are like pulling at a loose end hanging from a ball of entangled wire . Either it unravels or it squeezes into a tighter ball … so are temptations.You can completely abstain from it or if yielding to it: see yourself evolving into a new […]

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“People are watching… behave yourself!” admonitions that were used as laying stones in our growing years. Grooming followed. Elders always said- “This is how we reveal ourselves”. These tiny flashes of feelings, the reactions we can’t hide, the under the breath muttering, scowling and movements laden with temperament! The eyes,the face and the words loaded […]

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Where was I looking…

when Time hoodwinked me? Some of my friends are turning grey at the temples . Even the guy who has my heart started getting silver highlights…😃 When my friends were getting portly, I wondered what was stopping them from keeping in shape! One should try and get into jeans to keep a tab on the […]

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Down that lane…

I am not going to give any more thought to Russia, Ukraine or NATO… utter nonsense! Humans indulge in such sport when they have surplus to eat and enough to waste, I guess. We in India can’t afford war as a luxurious extra curricular activity…We have lost much too many in our seven decades of […]

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Excuse me..?!

Many a times, after an elaborate explanation, if the listener says “I don’t get you!”, you are undone! Gosh, what was I speaking then?? The realisation that I could have been clearer or smarter got me thinking, and made me come up with some solutions for myself… It is all about building the power to […]

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War and Peace

Just thought of sharing the relevance of these words by the author in this acclaimed book, ironic resonance of the theme…and his place of birth…

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Her voice of love

If music be the food of love, play on William Shakespeare True that, especially in this second week of February. That no one in India can express their state of mind better than with a song when in the fits of love😉also is understood very well by the world (so hopelessly steeped in music are […]

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