Mrs Suh.

Strong oriental smells greeted me as I was ushered in. Taking in shallow breaths in her living room while Mrs Suh (pronounced suh rhyming with uh!) bowed and courtseyed to me in welcome and with a wide grin showed me her day’s labour. Big basins of fermenting cabbage with red spices sticking to the shards […]

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Simply Fly.

As I sit amidst my fellow countrymen at one of the busiest airports in India, I start this blog with a pleasant conclusion.’The common man has got his well deserved seat’. Yes, there was an era of the quintessential Maharaja of Air India when only he ruled the skies. It was about those who could […]

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It Does Matter.

So much has already been written about Kerala during the floods.Social media is abuzz with gallant tales and tales of misery , valour and tragedy. What does a puny Bihari like me do? I take my smartphone and share all of the above feats with my friends and relatives up north. I am astounded by […]

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He indicated his departure several times; it never took place and we believed that it would not happen this early. First, when we were together in the accident on the 07th of July 1999(refer blog ’07 July’) , then again when I insisted that he borrow my helmet on his trip to Jammu as a […]

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I was going through the usual signals and mails in my in-tray.One ‘posting-in signal’ caught my eye. Flying Officer Priya Sharma arriving at base, the next day. This, my dear friends was the year 1999,no mobile and no internet for regular use.So signals, military version of telegram was our lifeline. Another woman officer for company,I […]

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Let me tell you about Purnea.This small bustling town with a British heritage, sandwiched between the rivers Ganga and the Kosi, has a special place in my heart. With huge fish markets, plenty of fresh produce , and a gentry which only swears by ‘Darjeeling tea’; it is a small gem of Bihar. Wherever in […]

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Principal madam.

We were about to cross the street when she tugged at my hand and said over the din of passing vehicles-” Lets not head towards that auto rickshaw. The driver was my student once and he will not charge us the fare.” I grinned and changed the angle of my targeted walk. Then I also […]

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