Yes. You heard it right. These days the urban feed says ” its about severing communication” but is it? Naah! I want to talk about our dear departed souls now residing in the other world. The ‘ghosts’ that spook and give you the jitters. A friend asked me: “Do you believe in them?” Yes. “How […]

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Of course,I pray!

It’s not easy to talk on religion in these volatile times.How should I pray- I don’t think too much on it. If I discuss with the custodians, they may disagree, I may dismiss it and move on- leaving stand offs and fall outs in our wake. So, I keep my rituals and beliefs to myself. […]

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Waiting to sleep…

Every night…some just hit the bed and are further knocked out by sleep. No Armageddons, no poltergeist, no dark thoughts, no angst, no pining. Even if there, not potent enough to keep the eyelids open. While I keep the mills running, thoughts churning, worrying about my eyebrows that need attention at the beauty salon the […]

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All normal.

Who decides ‘normal’? Our forefathers or us? We instantly jump to evaluate ‘normal‘ and trash the rest! Does that guy shaking his head violently to that something blaring into his ears through the headphones, appear normal? Yes. Nowadays he is. But 30 years ago he was not!”Don’t behave like a possessed person or a mad […]

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With our country getting beautiful highways, road trips are winning favour with those who love to take to the road on weekends. Escaping the routine to be the wanderer, the nomad… the human being with limited belongings and limited desires, at least for that limited period. Wide roads with panoramic views are taking someone somewhere […]

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Kiss, anyone?

“Have you tried the kiss?” Now that was more than a tongue in cheek question and the offender was a naughty subordinate at work. Take offence or laugh it off, I did a quick jig in my mind. With a formidable stare I snapped a “What?” He gave a quick grin and said in all […]

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Mrs Suh.

Strong oriental smells greeted me as I was ushered in. Taking in shallow breaths in her living room while Mrs Suh (pronounced suh rhyming with uh!) bowed and courtseyed to me in welcome and with a wide grin showed me her day’s labour. Big basins of fermenting cabbage with red spices sticking to the shards […]

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