Mother’s day… Rights, Responsibilities, Duties… Certification, Endorsement, Advertisement… Conformation,Confirmation. Who is driving us, especially the urban Indian crowd, towards these titular days?Who decides that the usually hapless mother needs to be thanked with a card, a gift and some words of endearment this one day in the year?A photo has to follow this exhibition of […]

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Eating plants and animals!

This never ending debate of vegetarianism vs non vegetarianism gets to me sometimes. How do I justify my crazy craving for a delicious Chicken fry or home cooked fish curry? Eat plants and fruits, stems and roots, bulbs and leaves? Yoghurt and Cottage cheese? Now a new school of thought discourages even dairy! After being […]

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Death and Loss.

Try answering this question standing on the foot overbridge of a railway station when trains are puffing and chugging in and out of almost all the platforms below you, and your left hand has been left two passengers behind with the strolley and your body is being invaded by all sorts of nudging, pushing and […]

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ad sumus.

☝️Here we are. 11 April is here. 23 May is not far behind. They call it the dance of democracy. The talents are on the podium, and we the hapless- watch mesmerized. Media runs a virtual drama on prime time, and we again watch. Cops, goons, matinee idols, enfante terribles, conformists,icons and iconoclasts all of […]

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A Good Morning!

Oh, its not about getting up an hour early to live the day longer! It is more about making it good for people with your wishes. Sure, it is welcome anyday, everyday! Now I am thrilled by the number of good mornings I am wished by the time its 9 am. Most of them are […]

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A suitable girl.

Beauty comes first, then comes Lineage followed by Docility and then Culinary skills. No place for brains. Leave it at your dad’s… girl, you are in the show window! Are these staples of every home with a daughter? No! every home with a son!! Truly so, the proverbial hearth has no niche for the brain. […]

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So much happened – I just took a blog recess! Today , I started with my usual, the fun side of life, but the mind drove me to the air warrior who landed on the other side! POW- No. Where was the War? We did not go to war with our neighbour.We talked Geneva Convention. […]

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