Like I told you in my previous post, did a proper cross country ( literal) and am back in my homestead tired, happy and contented 🥰 Below are just random snaps of all that got captured in the phone… Phone is full of myriad images, mind is still somewhere there and the heart is overwhelmed […]

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So much happened – I just took a blog recess! Today , I started with my usual, the fun side of life, but the mind drove me to the air warrior who landed on the other side! POW- No. Where was the War? We did not go to war with our neighbour.We talked Geneva Convention. […]

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Tea- totally!

How do you like your tea? With lots of love? and some milk n sugar, maybe? There is something about this golden liquid. It envelopes you and your mind.There is no right and wrong about it.”I like it this way” be it black, green, gold, lemon,brewed, boiled, cured and baked😳… ‘am sure everyone I know […]

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