So much happened – I just took a blog recess! Today , I started with my usual, the fun side of life, but the mind drove me to the air warrior who landed on the other side! POW- No. Where was the War? We did not go to war with our neighbour.We talked Geneva Convention. It doesn’t apply. Lot of other conventions did apply though-Chai for example! Common language, same armed forces ranks and same colour n creed and a common past being the other few.

We talked Abhinandan– Wow!We sure gave ourselves a larger than life young Hero who epitomized courage, valour, ability and above all Patriotism.We saw excellent jokes and memes.We saw excessive chest thumping and nail biting moments.And we saw a lot of TV!!I grossed 8 hrs marathon, eye popping session straining to see the Hero cross the Radcliffe at Wagah!

I too have fond memories of the Wagah! -when it only had a Gate and barbed wire fence and a few spectators at the flag lowering ceremony! I was early and I was received well by the BSF. I saw a handsome soldier in Khakis strutting towards me on horseback. It was a dream sequence… I oggled at him as he drew closer. My heart chided me to take a picture of him. No selfies then! But as he came and stood next to me, I realised three things-

1. There was a merciless barbed wire fence between us.

2. His shoulder epaulettes read ‘Ranger’-there stood my enemy!

3. I thanked God that I was not in uniform, I looked like a regular tourist and I had just stopped short of idolizing my enemy!

24 thoughts on “POW-WOW!

  1. Trust me. I was thinking of you today morning and thought of giving you a call..so much is being talked about and here I am who is not being able to get much out of it! The first person whom I thought to connect with is you.
    All I understand is : the developed nations try to keep India n Pakistan busy with themselves. .else they may rise and overpower!

    Wonder how many decades do we require more to think ahead!

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    1. What rubbish, developed nations have a lot to think of, if they started paying so much attention to laggards like india and pak, they would not be developed in the first place. They have better things to do than engage with us.

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  2. Well said about the air warrior – Abhinandan, a patriot and real hero. We talked about him only for two days but should not forget our tribute to the martyrs.

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  3. There’s been a lot of Glorification of war, martyrdom and sacrifices, to be fair and Curt, all those suggesting war don’t realize that they aren’t the ones, who are going to be in line of bullets out there. No mother, wife, sister, father would want their loved one to arrive home draped in The Tricolour (sometimes even that doesn’t happen). Why has “The Geneva Convention” suddenly become the topic of discourse, why wasn’t it talked about during Kargil or during other POWs. I guess this time the Chaai tasted good.

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    1. Ironically, we are becoming a poor product of Google and media frenzy! Without understanding the situation, the nation was baying for war! Anyway, Chai in Pakistan was anyday better than “forgotten in Pakistan”!


  4. I think entire Abhinandan episode was politically motivated. Media overhyped everything. There were soldiers who died on that day and around that day but these soldiers didn’t get any attention from govt or media. That’s the saddest thing in our country. Every life is important, abhinandan or any other person. Sensationalism doesn’t help larger cause.
    Nobody wants war but if Pakistanis are hell bent on killing our soldiers everyday then what’s the solution?

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  5. So glad to read about these voices such as yours, Sush! The way everyone is talking about war all around us, is not funny! So much β€œpatriotism” is not good for health πŸ™‚

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  6. Saved this post to read it a little later with a cuppa and moreso to come terms with media first and let the madness of ‘war with words’ die. Prayed good 5 minutes in my way for release of ejected pilot
    and predicted a miraculous release of the soldier who seemed to enjoy Tea like any other Fauji. Impressive dialogue between forces officers and the officer visiting their nation without a visa, passport or enough civil clothes to stay on too long. Here comes the next, ‘ he’s being released’ and that’s a WOW thing for the day. Our home and lakhs of homes celebrated the unconditional release, hence sane voices don’t push for war. Peace is the flavour and essence of being and I am deliberately not dragging politics as my teaching says, when in uniform, we don’t talk about relegion, politics or women. So far so good unless local media confined in conditioned air of 25 degrees doesn’t want me to leave my home and enjoy the melted chocolate ice cream or a coffee that’s gone cold, preparing to counter ‘The Enemy’ who is equally troubled with mundane affairs back home. Let those who propagate war understand that ‘it’ won’t be limited this time to borders or boundaries alone but will penetrate deep into their respective homes or at least their pockets. Let there be peace not that a soldier is scared but he has a huge nation to support that doesn’t even refer, mention or recognise his dues in times of peace and prosperity. Let Abhinandans be welcomed home not drapped in Tri Color but carrying one Touching the Sky with Glory.

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    1. I am eagerly waiting for your book… Who else but you can be “the” commentator dear Dar? May you touch the sky with glory and your thoughts get a resounding echo from all quarters.
      And on the issue of civvies πŸ˜‰, they got him a perfect fit within 24 hrs!


  7. Yes, no doubt the entire nation was glued to the television screens for hours, in anticipation of a hero returning. And the episode did generate a lot more respect for the armed forces from the general public.

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