A suitable girl.

Beauty comes first, then comes Lineage followed by Docility and then Culinary skills. No place for brains. Leave it at your dad’s… girl, you are in the show window!

Are these staples of every home with a daughter? No! every home with a son!! Truly so, the proverbial hearth has no niche for the brain. I know so many young girls who are software engineers and soldiers, living examples of brain and grit, but have no other option but to look for love… in order to head on the marital path. I have been on the lookout for suitable boys for these little jewels, but have not come up with a single worthy soul. The moment I zero in on a prospective suitable boy, he comes up with one of the usuals… “I want someone to cook good food for me… I have been struggling in PG accommodation for long!” Yes darling, a Michelin star maybe? Beautiful? “Oh yes!but she should be reserved and docile but not a smart cookie who has had loads of followers at college.” Lineage? “That is for my dad to decide… We are a traditional family…”

Discouraged, I ask these girls what they really look for- good looks, brains or good heart? They want “an easygoing and rich husband”. That’s all? Brains not required again? So why in the world are these boys and girls studying , it makes me wonder.

The answer is simple- marriage doesn’t require brains.

16 thoughts on “A suitable girl.

  1. God has made women to take charge of family as they can multi task. Unfortunately, feminism led them into wrong direction, in 70s in west and 90s in India. They decided to wear pant. This led to all the problems visible in society. West is slowly getting itself in correction mode. Hopefully, next generation of Indians will too do correction.
    As far as brains are concerned, it’s not necessary for any successful relationship rather it becomes a negative attribute for either partner. On the contrary, overall Smartness certainly has added advantage.
    Women who knows how to satisfy tummy of her hubby and take care of his children is certainly a winner.

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  2. Very Nicely written
    Last paragraph is really good because it makes you think just like Satyajit Ray’s film.
    Marriage requires what ……………..
    Dil ka sunu ya Dimag ka ……….

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  3. A hardcore truth of today revealed in such a simple way! Many young people, mostly my former students, now well established, do not want to take the risk of getting married. They find it so difficult to adjust and live with a single person for the rest of their lives. Our generation seldom had this thought process.
    It appears to me that marriage as an institution may lose its importance gradually.

    As far as looks. ….culinary skill. …brains. …and the like are concerned. ….both girls and boys go the traditional way of thinking. Girls look for well established rich groom while boys for beauty, culinary skill, quiet types.

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  4. A relationship should bring out the best in each other rather than deciding who is right or who is wrong. One needs to take a plunge for anything they need….. so why not for marriage if that is what they are looking for??
    The problem erupts when our priorities change with our age. Physical needs are replaced by emotional and the other seems to be unaware of it.

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  5. well thought out and written. Some people make it grow well – nurture it – make it work and it takes everything you have. Some let go. Both are right!!

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