A Good Morning!

Oh, its not about getting up an hour early to live the day longer! It is more about making it good for people with your wishes. Sure, it is welcome anyday, everyday! Now I am thrilled by the number of good mornings I am wished by the time its 9 am. Most of them are in the virtual mode aka WhatsApp n a few voiced ones from my near and dear ones around the house!

I love the “good morning” any which way! It gives an impetus for me to spare a thought for the person wishing me. Isn’t it? An unread good morning lying green and old in your WhatsApp inbox is not a good idea. The good wishes and the idea that the person is remembered, is more important.

My brother in Delhi rents a place with a convivial Sikh family. Ever since he moved in, he gets a good morning bouquet in WhatsApp with a couplet from Guru Granth Sahib or any prophet, and he loves it! Without fail, he finds out the meaning and lives the day. Very confidently telling me- ” Sis, if he wishes me, he remembers me! What more do you need in a motherless place like Delhi?”

There are people who feature daily in my life with their Good Mornings and sweet messages of motivation! I may or may not meet you so often, but your presence is of course felt ! A big thank you to all my “good morning” buddies!

14 thoughts on “A Good Morning!

  1. Yes dear true. But it I don’t do this for you or my hubby or my mom and dad or my kids. Does this mean that you are not within me? 😔.

    You know best 😙😙.
    Happy morning!

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  2. Start ur day wishing ur near and dear ones with btfl smile and हरि ऊँ
    Do this to all whom u meet during ur walk, even if they are unknown.

    Britishers keep wishing everyone with Good morning. Rajasthan they say राम राम

    Unfortunately, majority of Indians don’t.

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  3. Sush,
    You’ve made me think again! Now, to reflect on my mixed feelings about these early morning greetings that flood my in box: it comes as the plain Jane ‘Good morning,’ the awesomely garbed images, or the poignant thought units,without fail. It sails in one to the dozen from the wee hours. Initially, I used to love these, but now, I fear, I skip them altogether 😦 Not because I hate to spare a thought, a wish, to my well wisher, but because of the technical snags that burns my brain later!

    However, Sush, I’ll remember the ‘heartfelt welcome’ part of it now onward & take it all gracefully ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for sparing your precious time to read it and comment on it dear Maya chechi! I too used to get bugged by so many of them, then realised the finer thing in it! 😄


  4. Good Morning!! Yes, it feels good. I live in a heartless (more than motherless!) city than your brother and it feels nice when wished. I have made it a point to wish even if not reciprocated by my milkman, Ola/Uber drivers, etc. Its a harmless wish upon someone. Let it prevail!!

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