ad sumus.

☝️Here we are.

11 April is here.

23 May is not far behind.

They call it the dance of democracy. The talents are on the podium, and we the hapless- watch mesmerized. Media runs a virtual drama on prime time, and we again watch. Cops, goons, matinee idols, enfante terribles, conformists,icons and iconoclasts all of them are our prima donnas and we the people, wait to get proudly inked on the V-day.

Interesting unknown persons rise to lead us and we trust them for the next five years. A mammoth civilization, a gigantic country…so much magic so much masala…which ran for centuries earlier, again running successfully all over after regained freedom. Yet, some of us are so infatuated with Brexit talks. We are a Union of 29 states and 7 Union territories… and we don’t think EXIT! The Nation, the State and we the “nation state“. I am blessed to be born an Indian.

After all, the voice of the people is not just “Bharat Mata ki Jai!”( Hail Mother India!), it is the right to exercise our fundamental rights, our will and then our right to adult suffrage.The country is in a churn; it will purge a few and also up chuck the scum! And we will choose from what remains and live on a countdown for the next 5 years 😁

3 thoughts on “ad sumus.

  1. Dont exactly remember who said….but it was like this………If our votes made the difference…they would have never allowed us to vote………..the beauty of democracy……..very nice wrote up sushmita….loved it

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