Chocolat !

It was my first time ever- a Cadbury milk chocolate, as it slowly lost its shape getting squashed and squelched in my inch of a palm, as my grubby fingers tried helplessly to extract it from the gold foil. I was in kindergarten and I tasted it for the very first time and got completely sold, or so Papa says. Chocolate met me when I was four. I have been faithful to it ever since.

My love affair with chocolate had to take a severe beating as I started making many a trip to Dr M Y Chiang’s clinic across the iconic Ashok Rajpath in Patna, and metal was filled in every dental cavity,( I used to sport 7 of them in Class 1, anyone beating my record?)

What is it in chocolate that children get totally entangled in its magic? What an ingenious discovery- cacao, and what a wonderous invention- chocolate! My mind simply stops working when I see those chocolate fountains in candy stores. Most of us who got the first taste in our childhood have not been able to get hooked on to anything else. A small piece will also do for me if you can’t get me a bar. Amul or Lindt… anything.

Have you seen the movie Chocolat? The way it is pronounced in French, especially in this movie-brings out the real melt in the mouth, sinful, velvety, dark , sweet with a bitter after-note kind of soft feel, while you watch it. Sit with a bar or two of chocolates ; it is too enticing, with so much mouth watering chocolate in it. Don’t focus too much on Johnny Depp… You will miss the delectable chocolates!

19 thoughts on “Chocolat !

  1. Very Nicely described the taste of chocolate from childhood till date.I was having the taste of
    Chocolate while reading the article.😊 Keep on writing.

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  2. Ooh, thats chocolate dripping through every word. So well described, i could actually smell it, taste it, and yes i reached out to it.
    Lovely and wholesome Sush

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  3. I want a chocolat’ now….dairy milk in awesome but I relish Belgian black chocolat’. Another favourite is alcoholic chocolat’, they are divinely tasty.

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  4. Sush – this is a post that that many of us can relate to. There aren’t too many people in the world who don’t enjoy chocolates. If you haven’t already, try the Japanese Royce Chocolates (Nama version). Ever since I was introduced to it by a friend a few years ago, I (and many others who I introduced) have been a loyal customer(s). Nevertheless, I can still relish a Cadbury Dairy Milk – especially the Fruit and Nut flavor – any day πŸ˜€
    Keep writing.

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  5. For me it’s something that I don’t want to eat at first. But after I start. “One more won’t hurt”…rest we know.😁😁😁

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  6. Dairy milk our own introductions to Cocoa – whatever we later develop a taste for … Lindt, 70+ Toblorone etc. we keep coming back to Dairy milk our own comfort food… newer flavors do not count either

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