The name is Bond.

I have two incorrigible guys at home. First guy simply refuses to climb the hill, oft repeating that he is preparing for a fitter tomorrow, as he engages in planks and push-ups: just in case his ‘ tomorrow never dies‘ or he gets to live twice! and towing his line, the junior has suddenly got infatuated with Bond! You got it right, we are crazy Bond fans!

007 all the way! Bond is the man of the moment… move over Vicky( Josh) Kaushal and Akshay Kumar…Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig are zipping around my home. A ‘Good Night’ draws titters from him as it is no more the innocent wish for a good sleep but a reminder of the bikini clad babe from The Man with the Golden Gun!

Aah! such heart breaking suavity, what elan.Its quite a compliment when the little fella decides to liken my looks to ‘M’! The shaken not stirred Martini,the Aston Martins,the all in one watches,the heli-aero-marine-automobiles,n the beautiful damsels.

Mr Bond stands out for his gravity defying stunts,his amorous ways,being the right exponent of Q’s inventions (of the Nobel prize category) and above all,winning over beautiful women who are always found cavorting around bad guys πŸ˜‚!

Looking forward to James Bond 25, the twenty-fifth Bond movie with new age charisma! I remember being checked by my peers in the Air Force… “Stop your Bond-giri Sush!” So Bond and I go back a long way, you see 😁

19 thoughts on “The name is Bond.

  1. Never missed a bond movie…so far. One of the good memories from childhood is to see a bond movie with acha and discuss/enact the stunts in front of friends.

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  2. When video cassettes gave way to CDs ..the whole series was bought…When CDs moved over..DVDs had to be purchased…what if…one wanted to catch the inimitable spy movie at an odd hour…and now the whole series is safely downloaded…so it can be inherited by future generations ..I am married into a Bond crazy family..can totally relate..More power to you Sush for sharing the piece…we have one more thing in common. Loved it.

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  3. Apparently Bond movies and you go back a long way. Only the term ‘exploding pens’ may be used in different way.
    Great read πŸ‘


      1. I am sorry ma’am, you know about the pressure and working environment..πŸ˜•
        But eagerly waiting for your next blog… πŸ™‚


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