The Reunion.

The feeling was better than the caffeine hit! The fresh tide of memories,their very names brought to my mind was so much better than my first coffee of the day. I was recently added to a whatsapp group of primary school class buddies from almost 3 decades ago. Did I like it? Is it not the most understated question? I was as excited as a toddler with a smartphone. I couldn’t make myself go offline.

Are we the same people from that school who lived the pre internet life in a small town? This group has teachers, doctor, controller of exams, dedicated home makers, banker, lawyer ,engineer, professor, corporate people, entrepreneurs…a Bag of Assorted Cookies!!

I also found my old bench-mate.He who would irritate me with his constant borrowings and lendings(yes!). The same eraser that had belonged to me till the previous day would be lent back and not returned, quite reluctantly. This exchange usually ended in a squabble, with mediators jumping in as well ). He is now a gentleman and a loving familyman. He has probably lost that streak of impishness to the vagaries of life or hopefully not; because the memories have a way of connecting with that little boy of class four and not this middle aged man.

Who is this bespectacled man ?He is some kind of a group head in a multinational. He has a daughter in high school. I find it hard to believe that we were pint sized small people in the primary wing of our massive school eating small snacks from steel tiffin boxes and cheating answers, fighting like small ninjas and growing up in our quaint small town way back in the eighties.

It is one thing to reunite and another to reminisce. We the motley twenty-six are doing all of it together!And what a riot it is when we are actually bonding once again as adult strangers with a common DNA.

13 thoughts on “The Reunion.

  1. Homework is the thing that I hated the most in my school life, I just am tired of all of it.šŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒ


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