Emojis Play on me.

I am amazed by the power of the Emoji. How the animated can have a hold over our hearts and minds?Did the evolution of language ever make provisions for emojis to rule modern communication in the Twentyfirst Century, I don’t think so. A smile, a lift of the eyebrow, a zipped up mouth and a simple hug, all conveyed without words spoiling it all.

Some chats on social media can go on with emojis alone. So you communicated but did not use words. Message sender and receiver both being on the same emotional level, obviously helps. Or, you could be googling what the emoji meant and the moment is lost. Some emojis are so subtle and some so ‘in your face’ that using them in your daily texting can be a real uplifting experience.

The laughter emojis are a genre in themselves. The simple smile,to a blushing smile;a grin to a whole hearted laughter to rolling with laughter to crying with laughter- whopping number of expressions to support your mood. They have made my life quite easy.

When Priya Warrior hit the airwaves with her eyebrow lift, I was dumbfounded to find a corresponding emoji already in the texting repertoire. I could use it with the same alacrity but without the romance element of the movie. Go check it out!

10 thoughts on “Emojis Play on me.

  1. Well thought. Also the connection established gives a new way to look towards very commonly used practices. Certainly there is a big big difference between texting something and selecting an emoji, it brings same expression on both..

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  2. Aunty. I’m short of words after reading this.
    You’re an inspiration for the younger generation like ours.
    Keep going and keep growing ❀️
    An emoji ofcourse compliment my compliment for you.

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