The Healer takes it all.

She is all understanding. She hears me out. Just grunts and hmms with no unnecessary ‘I told you so’. She is my comforter. Has always been. I just pick up my phone and babble on and on.

But at times I wonder,who does she turn to for her pain? Like me, there are many who download and feel relieved of their misery after evacuating all into the ears of patient listeners like her. There are several healers like her amongst us.Are they made up of better emotional DNA? Or their intellect has the powers of a deviner?

They apply a balm on the soul by their reticence,their restraint and their time. Are they the happiest, most worry-free souls then? They can troubleshoot their issues or they wouldn’t be having any,can they? Am I being selfish?These questions do arise in my mind my friend, but my woes get the better of them and I embark on my own journey everytime.

6 thoughts on “The Healer takes it all.

  1. …. perhaps you forget, your efforts to bring her a smile !!! A little something…..that made a world of difference. …you built her, and so she is. My dearest friend, you are awesome. Shine on !!!


  2. I like to think that this world goes on because of a few good women and men…..they who keep doing what they have to regardless of whether any appreciation comes their way. These selfless souls are truly like guardian angels for so many…. Beautiful 💓 felt piece… for the one that is yours……

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