My humble back scratcher.

Do you have a back scratcher? That itch that refuses to go, how do you do away with it? Recall the hard time it gives you. Imagine being envious of the cat who comes and gets that errant itch scratched down against your jean clad legs or the door jamb. Now imagine yourself in a similar contorted posture for relief – can’t possibly do that , right? Only animals and kids can solicit a scratch down, Baloo n Mowgli just to illustrate what I mean…😁

Hahaha hahaha! If you have had enough of the images, just one more point from me. Do you have a friend who is your back scratcher in life? Yes, this is the itch that surfaces in our lives from time to time , needing a scratch down. I talked about the healer in my earlier post. The back scratcher friend is also from the same bag of assorted cookies. This one scratches your back only when it itches.Because this one doesn’t come with a potent life changing drug, potion or powder to permanently eradicate the itch or provide succour! This friend lets you live with it( the seven year itch included 😜).

So you see, this distance is the problem. The elbow bends but still doesn’t reach the troubled spot… as you go a little left n a little right n miss it!! So, I just got myself a scratcher. I recommend a back scratcher for every one! All quid pro quo moments are not so ingratiating now. Never know when the small niggling itch turns into a full blown one!The relief is blissful… isn’t it?

21 thoughts on “My humble back scratcher.

  1. Just too good dearπŸ‘…….I really like the way u beautifully relate small day to day things to life . Its a cocktail of humour and philosophy which leaves u smiling and thinking once you finish reading it.

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    1. But the tool won’t provide you warmth and a sense of belonging, while working. πŸ™‚
      I’m just an amateur! You’re the special one! Loved reading you.

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  2. Ha ha ha…lol…I have the same tool …at the office …
    But situation is others scratches my back from distance that is its main feature…lol
    -Always feel Awesome, reading ur blogs,
    There is no road blocks and traffic jams for writer…
    Keep Communicating and be young

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  3. This is something beyond imagination! I believe you are the first to ever give this a thought. I loved reading it. Lol. Anasua sends you compliments too. But yes this back scratcher gives you the most relief at you critical point.
    Looking forward.

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