My best 9 for you.

The year is ending and we have not rehashed it so far. At least, I have not! I am up to some light- hearted-crowd pleaser-ware- share today.

The whole year round, it has been:”Get up in the morning- check your phone, have your cuppa-check your phone, gobble up your breakfast-check your phone,dash off to work- check your phone,stare at the laptop-check your phone…head home to eat and sleep and still check your phone”.

Never mind! Next year promises no better! Only that, in between my phone and my life is: Bollywood!

I do a lot of cinema. Bollywood is the next best stop-over for me. I love songs and movies and Bollywood n our glitzy stars!Some marvellous people caught my eye this year, my fav 9 beingπŸ‘‡

1. Alia Bhatt( for her fine performance in Raazi and … bagging the recycled Ranbir Kapoor. )

2.Vicky Kaushal(Masaan) you won’t believe it that I saw this 2015 release this year, after checking him out in Raazi!)

3. Priyanka Chopra( for stealing the show all the way! Her life is no less than a feature film, and she stood out for playing her life with gumption!)

4. Rajkummar Rao , for Fanney Khan! The guy is in a class of his own. Small screen time, large screen presence. Stree is an overkill, so stick to his previous ones like Bareilly ki Barfi and Shaadi mey jarur aana ,in case he endears himself to you.

5. Radhika Apte( for her role in The day after everyday)Men may disagree here! But come-on! Rest of the flicks is not ‘acting’!

6. Kangana Ranaut( for adorning the role of Manikarnika and being a Queen in real life- her Manali home is to die for)

7. Manoj Bajpai(Aiyaary)He plays a Fauji with grit; Ouch is a masterpiece though.

8. Jaya Bhaduri ( I am talking Mili then and now, timeless! I can watch it as many times. She is at her best and Amitabh adds to her screen persona.)

9. Ranveer Singh ( for Ching’s latest ad! Watch it now πŸ˜‚ The fellow is sooo in your face. Wonder how the sophisticated Deepika will cope up!)

*Special Mention: Nawazuddin Siddiqui for portraying Manto. The actor is A class, but the movie is artificial!He also managed to get a kind mention in the # me too movement in Bollywood!

Yes, I have embedded the links to what made them stand out for me. Some of them are timeless while some of them are quite promising. I would love your opinion and additions in the comments section.

30 thoughts on “My best 9 for you.

    1. Am much into bollywood too dear! No wonder we are besties this long. But only first five matches mine. I couldn’t bring myself to like Ranveer singh however. He was good in bajirao but still he has something which detracts me. It’s been a good year for bollywood. Let’s look forward for still better ones in 2019.

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      1. πŸ˜…and precisely for that very reason, he shines in the Ching’s ad. Watch it! I find him a good supporting actor in his movies, not someone to carry it along, alone.


  1. Wow, other than Raazi and mili, i haven’t seen any of the others. Thanks Sush, this list will be followed diligently and over and done with before the year ends 😊. Need some bollywood in my lifeπŸ˜‰

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  2. You forgot to mention ayushman khurana – Vickey donor,andhadhun,badhai ho some of his flicks where script and his acting has done all the magic… My fav Priyanka did a fab job in Quantico and now a wedding to die for…. The lady surely knows how to live life King size…..
    Easha – Anand wedding was no less than a Bollywood saga… And mrs.nita ambani carried it with elan and aplomb…

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    1. Yaya! Vicky Donor has featured twice nowπŸ˜€. Ayushmaan is good, no doubt. Priyanka Chopra actually killed it with her glam factor. DeepVeer and Ambani weddings actually appear a little “me too” ( the mgmt term and not the movement!). Thank you for adding in your comment. So glad you read!😘


  3. Nice coverage of B town. Worth pondering
    Yes, year is ending with sweet memories.
    My recent watched is kedarnath. Best debut by sara ali, her comic timing is awesome, and power pack acting by sushant singh.
    May 2013, kedarnath incident was fully explored in movie.

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  4. Being a Bollywood fan can completely relate to you. Ayushman khuranna was simply wonderful in Badhai ho & coming to Ranveer Singh… surely can’t ignore the guy😁

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  5. I loved the way you started, it felt like there will be a dose on mobile addiction, but smoothly cut into bollywood.. well played… Waise they are all my favourite tooo except Jaya Bhaduri or bachan now

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  6. Your way of writing and describing things is awesome.
    Ayushman khurana needs to be added to your list for his fabulous acting in Vicky Donor and many more.
    Milli is a lovely movie of Jaya Bhaduri.
    Waiting for many more write ups to come up

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