Meeting the 3 idiots -Part 2

Another week went by wishing for a chance encounter, watching the ‘convocation’scenes and the classroom scenes. Sharman Joshi with no star hang ups was always obliging us. He posed with the whole batch as many times as was requested. I saw a very hungry Boman Irani on several occasions, mostly at the cafeteria having a quick bite and making good conversation with those who went up to him. The guys always looked out for Kareena but she was mostly ‘no show’ as she feared mobbing. But Aamir was always elusive. Amidst all this our evaluation got sneakily scheduled, ensuring my absence from the shoots. My classmates were very sympathetic of me but I was totally disheartened.

One day, they flooded the cafeteria and the adjoining areas for the ‘childbirth’ scene. So we were asked to take a detour to the dining hall.We did,and while walking back to class, I landed bang in front of Madhavan. He was memorizing his lines in the corridor. I was face to face with him, and I couldn’t let his expectations go down. So as he looked at me and smiled, I started gushing over him with the same rehearsed lines I had especially practised for… you know who. I then took on the role of a Madhavan fan. I started with his Bihar connection. Then I brought in his Kachchi Dhoop & Rang De Basanti. He was mighty thrilled and continued talking! Madhavan was charming and I felt so good just talking with this ‘boy next door’. He was no less drool worthy of course! I was almost on the verge of shifting my loyalty when, Lo and Behold!! Who do I see strolling towards us?

Aamir in a bright pink kurta, walked over to where we were standing and chatting. He casually asked Madhavan for a cigarette. Madhavan introduced me to Aamir -with a special mention that I was his ardent fan.Madhavan, with his cute as a button face went on that he felt proud of meeting someone from the Air Force . My heart screamed out to Aamir,to wait, to not go away, to not go totally by what Madhavan said. I couldn’t believe this comic mix up. I could only manage a feeble compliment on his performance in Rang De Basanti. Aamir gave a wide grin, asked Madhavan to surely invite me for the preview. He then said a genuine sounding ‘nice meeting you’,shifted his cigarette from the right hand to the left, shook hands with me and walked off…

26 thoughts on “Meeting the 3 idiots -Part 2

  1. When movies released I was doing mba, and my college director decided to take all students to the movie theater at sapna sangeeta on his bday. All seats booked by college. Experienced Endless laughter throughout the movie with frnd.
    Thanks for reminding old times.😊😊😊😊

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  2. Wow very well written. It was as vivid as a film to me… the excitement … the heart beat… sad… funny everything included. Loved it Sushmita!

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