I remember.

Our beautiful small hilly town with swiss looks! It was the ultimate romantic locale for any soft heart. The majestic sunrise from behind the ranges always filled me with so much exuberance. Getting ready for work and driving down the hills to my airbase, through fields of corn on both sides and small ravines with self appointed local Gods to keep an eye on all evil was a divine feeling.

Overnight the base and all neighboring villages lost its colourful rooftops. A military grey covered all. Our views got blanked out with black paint and sheets on window panes and to top it, we also started practising black outs. Camouflaged houses and camouflaged us! Every day was a new drill at battle and survival. Military convoys filled with countless soldiers. TV crews alighting on us to cover the initial excitement. Burkha Dutt, Vishnu Som and many more just swarmed around the base capturing every possible action. After all, the Kargil ops was first time on television. Arms were issued and we started living on the pulsating beat and rhythm of marching boots all around us.

Today, on the eve of Vijay Diwas, I dedicate this blog to all my friends,departed as well as living who saw the first tidings of war, who felt blood replaced by Adrenalin and who gallantly felt the umbilical drive to protect our motherland.

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