Kiss, anyone?

“Have you tried the kiss?” Now that was more than a tongue in cheek question and the offender was a naughty subordinate at work. Take offence or laugh it off, I did a quick jig in my mind. With a formidable stare I snapped a “What?” He gave a quick grin and said in all his innocence ” you have not tried it ma’am, so we will take you out for a kiss!” A kiss, good Lord! Where was all that lofty talking on zero tolerance policy and where on earth was my HR?

The mystery itself was killing me and that too heading into 56 (chhappan) to discover the ‘kiss’ was almost scintillating. I could hear the tittering amongst the team guys as we got handed bowls of creamy golden corn porridge, savoury in taste with a hint of natural corny sweetness.And I got to taste the ‘kiss’! Quite deliberately mispronounced by the youngsters; dear friends we are talking about the authentic ‘Kees‘ of Indore.

A trip to Chhappan or Sarafa isn’t complete without a kees and local masala soda combo, followed by the usual array of fast food and finger foods…No wonder, with a regular dose of kees, the city keeps its youngsters happy! It wasn’t ending yet. I was taken to the end of the street for some kulfi and paan. They say you haven’t seen Indore till you have done your Sarafa and Chhappan jaunts. I will add here that you haven’t tasted the real Indore without its naughty Kees.

22 thoughts on “Kiss, anyone?

  1. All well that ends well😂😂Initially Sounding an indecent proposal ;thankfully turned out a decent one😁😂👌🏽👌🏽Haven’t got to taste it yet even though been there thrice .. for sure next trip and by then scoping to c Nd hug u and offcourse enjoy the “kiss” together😝😝

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      1. Hahahahaha No Way mate .. I am pretty much clear about my priorities 😝😂

        योगी जी के एन्टी रोमियो स्क्वाड वाले अलग कंफ्यूज़ हैं ,

        साथ घूम रहे लड़के लड़की तक तो ठीक था ,

        अब लड़का-लड़का और लड़की-लड़की को भी कूटना है क्या ???

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  2. Bhutte Ka Kess cannot attain a better and controversial publicity than this … 😀
    Thanks for giving space to this beautiful and clean Khhau city in your write up.

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    1. Yes, cs is out of form right now. Day before Yesterday attended exhibition but thats ok. And Meri pataa nahi kab hogi, but party hoti rehna chaiye..
      Let me plan south visit, the only part in India yet to be visited.

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