With our country getting beautiful highways, road trips are winning favour with those who love to take to the road on weekends. Escaping the routine to be the wanderer, the nomad… the human being with limited belongings and limited desires, at least for that limited period.

Wide roads with panoramic views are taking someone somewhere always… As we drive past small hamlets and villages, unexplained wistful thoughts always hit me. The wide vast expanse of sky and cultivated fields call out so often. Something sweet, something amiss, some longing slithers in slowly and swells up like one of those unattained dreams. These are some of my thoughts that I have shared above and below:

  1. So tell me, what gets to you when you are on a long drive?
  2. Does the dusk and approaching night through your windscreen fill you with melancholy?
  3. Do the whizzing past lights of the shops and vehicles give you a feeling of watching a movie clip in fast forward mode ?
  4. Do the twinkling lights in distant homes beckon you?
  5. Do you feel like leaving behind all that binds you to that apartment in the city and running down the smooth glades and softly caress the wild flowers?
  6. As you sit in your moving vehicle, ensconced in the darkness of the night do you feel as secure as in a cocoon?
  7. Does the car alone become an extended home and you don’t wish for anything else for the moment?
  8. When you cross hundreds of un-related human beings, do you feel anything other than being a spec of dust in the vastness of this Universe?
  9. Do you ever wish for this journey to never end? I often do.

Do share your thoughts. I am waiting to hear from all of you.

21 thoughts on “Highways.

  1. Sush – I can certainly relate to how you feel. More than driving through the city and urban landscapes, I enjoy driving through the countryside, through rolling hills, meandering country roads and farms/orchards and imagining what life would be like there. Driving through such magnificent landscapes often makes me wistful, poignant and dreamy. I can also relate to the feeling of being safe and out of harm’s way within the confines of my car. especially when a storm is raging outside.

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  2. “Nature is amazing, beautiful, wild, lush and dense, arid and sparse, deep and mysterious or open and yet puzzling…”
    “Who are the people who live in these remote places? What are their lives like? What do they cook?”
    “Do they travel? What are their aspirations? What kind of schools do these happy, laughing, waving children go to?”
    “It’s been a few hours…I hope to Goodness there are decent looks at the next stop!!!”

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  3. When it comes to road travel I try to feast on every bit my vision catches of nature and it’s magnificent impacts .. specially country side landscapes ,lush scenic beauty ..greenery ,hills .. ponds .. lakes .. etc etc etc
    The thought of running away from the mundane life is super empowering.. my loved ones if together ,music creates magic .. def all that passes before our eyes .. people, houses ,roads lights catches fancy .. each got something to say but then avoid getting too deep .. avoid getting hit by melancholic music and thoughts ..
    during daylight till we are at pace with car’s momentum Time seems to fly but suddenly it seems time almost stopped when it’s dark cause u got to concentrate on road when nothing else is visible that makes it little tough..but then there is no value of light if there was no darkness ..
    it’s better to accept the fact that going bk to regular chores is but inevitable.. how far we would want this journey to never end we have to accept that all good things must some to an end .. till then Bon Voyage dear frnd. We r all together in this journey ;keep coming up with more such wonderful write ups for us so that this journey becomes less monotonous 😁

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  4. An fascinating dialogue is value comment. I believe that it is best to write more on this matter, it might not be a taboo topic but generally individuals are not sufficient to talk on such topics. To the next. Cheers dggkekcfdcfe

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      1. Petrol prices MUST remain high in a country like ours. Because fools here don’t know the value of it. It will prevent them from buying new vehicles and help in decongestion on road.
        Diesel cars must b banned. Diesel should only b used for moving economy of country ahead.

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  5. Ur blog, remind me of Mumbai -pune exprexxway….love to drive on the smooth road. All of ur question’s answers Can be found one the Mumbai to Pune expressway…..
    It was one of my best road journey….

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