All normal.

Who decides ‘normal’? Our forefathers or us? We instantly jump to evaluate ‘normal‘ and trash the rest! Does that guy shaking his head violently to that something blaring into his ears through the headphones, appear normal? Yes. Nowadays he is. But 30 years ago he was not!”Don’t behave like a possessed person or a mad man” elders would beg if the western music bug bit someone.You had it if you added some wild moves and hippy dressing to it.😁Anything that did not conform to the ruling thought or the Vox Populi-Long hair on men and short boys’ on women, trousers wearing Indian women and Skirt wearing Indian men, male classical dancers, female wrestlers, all were branded ‘abnormal’. Not so much these days, as we gradually get more accommodating. Men in kilts playing the bagpipes were always acceptable.😉

I remember as a child, going to a distant cousin’s home where the flower power trends had just descended from the West. And my grandma would come out muttering, every time after the visit- ” Their son is not normal. He looks like a mental case.He needs to see a doctor. I am sure he is on marijuana too”. Falling in love was not normal. Mothers got their sons out of the black magic spell cast by a certain belle. Inter caste, inter Faith marriages were absolutely abnormal and same gender affection? Taboo. Taboo to an extent of needing medical help in un-informed homes and sometimes having quite a tragic end to one’s preferences.

So what changed us? Our own children? Isn’t it? Mindsets change only when loved ones are the flag bearers or the affected parties. We don’t stand up for just anyone and anything unless the shoe starts pinching. So Article 377 got trashed after mindsets in the judiciary got reformed.Wonder who influenced them? Preferences and choices are too convoluted to be blogging material, and Vote-bank politics is a subject best left to news channels. So India made way for the Pride March. We chose to finally treat it as normal. And, a sizeable section of the Indian Society heaved a sigh of relief. I have only skimmed over the surface, but feel strongly about leaving life choices to the life givers and life-live-rs. I know that many of you would like to respond and I am waiting to hear from you!

14 thoughts on “All normal.

  1. My kid operates mobile like he is a pro and like he always knew everything about it….But when I see other kids of his generation it feels normal.,..😀

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  2. I feel our gen is the most accommodating towards all these around us happening. Our childhood was so different learning all the values from grandparents, parents and we were so very cautious of not being tagged as ” not normal” if not “abnormal “. Again it’s us adapting at our best towards the changes in the society around us…with live- in -relationships , frequent breakups in relations, having many a relations, and again of course 377. At times it takes a toll on our understanding of life , it’s rights and wrongs.
    Talking to our children, understanding their views being cautious again not to impose ours……and so on and so forth.

    We are always trying to behave normal even if in the deep inside we still feel. …
    Can these really be normal?

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    1. Yes, the point to ponder is ‘ behave normal’! Values have taken a shift towards being more accommodative over the years, isn’t it? But we still tread cautiously with those imbibed values, as our guiding light. When do we relent? When do we trash them? At some point when it brings in pain and discomfort to us and our dear ones.


      1. True. We are presently so very cautious accommodating and at the same time trying to imbibe the values of living happily without hurting anyone bonding with all and still maintaining one’s identity!

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  3. A brilliant read! I feel that it’s great that we have started putting normal within inverted commas and have broadened our horizon of expectation. While it’s still a long way to go to completely erase homophobia, the decriminalization of Article 377 is an achievement, nevertheless. Cheers!

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      1. Fundamentalism be it for difference in religion , caste , food preferences or sexuality, brews in environment of illiteracy, lack of knowledge, vested interests and frustration.
        But fundamentalists are few , I have faith in one thing that humans are basically libral and progressive. Exposure to and knowledge of world history and culture has instilled progressive mindset more and more.
        And so there is and there will be accommodation and progressive views always .
        For certain issues it may take some time , but then this is a journey which has been continuing since generations and has been making us better , harmonious and compassionate beings .

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  4. Personal choices do change with time… What is right today may not be right tomorrow. A society always remains in fluid state.. And it is necessary for mankind to evolve. Sometimes, evolution becomes crooked and it recorrects itself in due course.

    Bravo Sush, u are such a brilliant lass

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      1. Someone has just posted the lyrics of a Hindi film song on my fb page… ” Ye paap hai kya ye punya hai kya, reeto per dharm ki muhare hain…har yug mey badalte dharmo ko kaise aadarsh banaaoge
        … Guess, it sums it up!


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