Waiting to sleep…

Every night…some just hit the bed and are further knocked out by sleep. No Armageddons, no poltergeist, no dark thoughts, no angst, no pining. Even if there, not potent enough to keep the eyelids open. While I keep the mills running, thoughts churning, worrying about my eyebrows that need attention at the beauty salon the next day, the barbed comment I received from a relatively far relative and the dish to make the next day to consume the souring curd, sitting pretty in the refrigerator! If nothing, I worry about the neighbour’s son who just dropped out of Engineering College to study English, all fees wasted. I pine for all those loves lost and hearts broken. I worry for aging Amitabh Bachchan and Waheeda Rehman. I carry the burden of the Exchequer at times and am worst hit when the residential complex issues notice to regulate water usage during crisis! I strategize and regroup my buckets for water storage, all night long.

These days however, ‘sleepless Sushmita. is trending. I gradually keep my book down and turn to my partner in crime:WhatsApp! And I am not the only one sleepless in Trivandrum( my ‘sleepless in Seattle’ days are over!) So many great personalities appear on line… probably discussing fiscal matters and matters of organisational importance, way into the other side of midnight. So I am not the last soul awake this side of the meridian; such a comforting thought. ‘Wonder all of them too derive their solace on seeing me and all others practising on the Qwerty. Morning usually brings in a day of wisdom from the Himalayas or exclusive soul stirring chanting from Ireland…as numerous ‘wise ones’ are forwarded with so much benevolence. Everyone aiming for my welfare at least,the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam way.

I have realised that Insomnia is not a malady anymore. The world is still talking cholesterol but sleeplessness has escaped the harsh scrutiny. Sleeping pills are probably living up their name on the chemist’s shelves and the world ‘ain’t complaining no more’. Texts are generated and posted past midnight and blue ticks received at wee hours of the morning… Sleep is in a churn dear Lord!

What keeps you awake, dark thoughts, daily chores or the mental turmoil?

13 thoughts on “Waiting to sleep…

    1. Dear soulmate…candid confession..i have been free of those nervous nail chewing nights…wondering if my fingertips will grow oversized due to constant use…remember Lamarkism?
      Haha….The malady is pandemic…Thank you…thank you….sushmita…i can chat..( read …sleep) in peace…

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