Of course,I pray!

It’s not easy to talk on religion in these volatile times.How should I pray- I don’t think too much on it. If I discuss with the custodians, they may disagree, I may dismiss it and move on- leaving stand offs and fall outs in our wake. So, I keep my rituals and beliefs to myself. Who needs my feedback?Whose worshipping format is better- yours or mine? Are all your prayers being heard? Well, nearly all of mine too. Its best to keep one’s God and one’s worshipping style to yourself like you keep your love life and weaknesses hidden from the world.You hide your passion, your kink and your loopholes, now hide your prayers too.

So much for the “One” who doesn’t need an abode, doesn’t need a congregation and never asked for cleansing before worshipping. But we do all to imply and propagate that ” my way is the best way”. Some ask questions to be condemned, some find alternatives, starting the same vicious circle of rituals and prayers and atonement and attainment all over again.

Can’t I do away with the rituals, messengers and via media to avoid being stuck in the ‘waiting line’. Why should there be a waiting line to have an audience with the Grand Master of the Universe, our creator? I want My God to hear me straight, with or without the lit lamps, flowers and the incense and the incantations. I want Him to understand my colloquial expressions. I can’t recall the chaste language of the established routine. I don’t want to go hungry in order to get his attention. There are lakhs of impoverished hungry people already ahead of me awaiting his much sought after kind attention and benevolence. I just want my Master to look after my well being after alleviating my sorrows. That is all. The small favours that The Supreme Power doles out to me every now and then are countless and I have my own thanksgiving discourses and hot talks with Him.( He is okay with my worship style)

Which category do I fall into- Atheist or Agnostic or something else? What do you think? What is the best way to connect?

16 thoughts on “Of course,I pray!

    1. Spirituality and religion are two of the most misconstrued words. Your faith makes it such a personal journey. Wonder why people need to make it a public network!

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  1. Exactly… Fully endorse that religion is between one and the Supreme power- whatever that may be, and no one else’s business. The rest is all scaffolding and rituals created by man to create aura and in some cases fear!

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  2. I pray too ..and give thanks …that in this melee of radicals who seem to have taken over the world..there is a liberal voice of sanity. Thanks for being that. Your piece is reassuring . And I feel.. staying connected and helping each other…is staying connected to Him …. Thanks again for the thought provoking read .

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  3. Movies like …omg, and ‘god tussi great ho’ are the best example to explain the relation between human being, god and Worship.
    Wants and demands are endless which has to be conveyed to apex body.
    The best way to connect is to connect our mind and body to meditation which is equivalent to worshipping and prayer…

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  4. Beautifully penned Mausi. I would say that, you are spiritual, Mausi! I feel religion is a way of life, religion is for life, life is not for religion. Every human here is to seek happiness, and happiness seeks for peace. And now a days, one tends to search them outside. I would say, the quest has now begun! Search it lies within.

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    1. Aayush! The scribe from Varanasi appreciates me, what more do I wish for!! Yes, so truly said- life is not for religion though its a matrix or a playground for many. The quantum of worship should not be the mark of a devout.

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  5. I have a similar way of communicating with HIM. Off late there has been a lot of changes in the mindset of the middle class Indians. The tv serials have put a very important impact. Going traditional in the Indian way now is synonymous with going religious. The superficial knowledge on religion takes a toll.
    The Bengal scenario is so depressing
    So many gods and goddess have started coming back as compared to the Leftist ruling period. To please the increasing non bong communities many other deities have been included. What comes to my mind is whether religious or spiritual, aethist or not, we Indians are gradually forgetting to be tolerant humans, as we were famous for!
    A rape in Gujrat leads to chasing away the migrant labourers from Bihar! .
    The politicians, media, common people are so differently communicated!
    So worship or no worship let us be humans with a caring heart and a reasoning brain.

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    1. Intolerance because herd mentality is on the rise once again. We are losing our capabilities of threshing out the wrong from right and the count of ‘learneds’ is on a rapid decline. What is detrimental for the society cannot be beneficial for one person or a community- failure to grasp this core value maybe… is leading to all that you have remarked about.


  6. Absolutely agree. Not going into the complex reasons regarding existence of religion and how it became what it is today, but the good religion brought in human life is nothing compared to the bad it caused, is causing. And these religious festivals worldwide, people basically celebrates the festivities and celebration. They can very well be centered around something non-religious. Personally I don’t really believe in God, though I accept there are unexplained parts of nature and universe. I do like to bow to some superior force, maybe something which runs everything and runs through everything, but only to rest, finding a shelter and rejuvenate myself. And I am happy with that.

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