Yes. You heard it right. These days the urban feed says ” its about severing communication” but is it? Naah! I want to talk about our dear departed souls now residing in the other world. The ‘ghosts’ that spook and give you the jitters. A friend asked me:

“Do you believe in them?”


“How often?”



Because I have never had a reason ‘not to!’

I was visiting home during the Dushehra break. I came home from the hostel and he very lovingly said that he had got me a big collection of all the latest stickers. I was crazy for them. He had written a letter to me and put it all together in a Manila Envelope to post it to me. I asked for it but he just couldn’t remember. His ill health was an excuse for not being able to recall of the location of that envelope. With a heavy heart I let it pass.

And then , a few days later, he just left us. Slept the eternal sleep and never woke up. I was moping around the house when he called out to me. With a jolt I got out of my sleepy state and rushed towards his room. Nothing at all. He was not there. How could it be possible? I was imagining things. I gaped at his empty chair and bed, when suddenly the corner of the table cloth lifted from the table, fluttering in a certain breeze in that closed room. There lay an envelope with my name and hostel address neatly written on it. I lifted it up and shivered. My brother’s letter to me and my new stickers!

I scurried out of the room. I read the letter. A beautiful worded reminder “to study and do well and not to get in the rat race”, he wrote. My ghost had given me my stickers and I know that he always takes care of all my troubles.

This Dushehra, I remember him fondly and open the blog for your inputs on similar experiences.

17 thoughts on “Ghosting!

      1. Some people have paranormal sense. They can see what others can’t… Although spooky, I don’t deny the existence of ghosts… Hope I don’t see one myself ever or I will get heart attack πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  1. Departed souls just live in memories. As far as their existence is concern, there is no scientific judgement given yet which says they exist.
    But yes sometime they bless us with hidden goodies which they have locked/fixed on wall in the house. it shows their existence too.

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      1. Arrey, We have heard that hidden gold taken out from houses or wind chain/bell and windows are making noise at mid night. In Ujjain ‘kaal bherav’ the kaal bherav is still consuming all liquor/Alcohol, people still confusing that where are all Alcohol going.?..
        “I also found many antique items from house which belonged to my late grandmother, her learning lessons/thoughts for life is still followed by us. Is this her existence or what??

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  2. People from ancient times have been in communication with their ancestors! The belief that , “our dear ones always guard us even after life” is deep rooted.
    It’s more about faith than science.
    “Tarpan ” is one such way of communicating with your ancestors! We try to remember them and wish them well wherever they are. .it’s also a way to be remembered by generations to follow.
    Experiences as yours make your belief stronger.

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