In for a song.

Songs are our words, some eloquent some unspoken. We may not be born poets but we love poetry. Songs are poetry which is easy to the mind and colloquial in words. I live songs. I love songs. I love the vivid notes and the swelling emotions. A song is bound to float in, giving lyrics to the prevailing state of mind during the day. From love to longing to joy to sorrow and for pep talk, I fall back on my Song Collection, 90% on my Brain’s hard-drive, remaining 10% in similar electronic devices.

We are lucky to be born into a cinematic culture with movies telling a story akin to our own and a song for every occasion. We don’t even need to christen it ‘a musical’ because there is nothing non musical about Indian cinema. A love song hangs on every interlude, a philosophical message is sonorously belted out by the hero as he tosses pebbles into the pond. The brides bid farewell on the oft repeated tunes of Babul ki duae leti jaa…, schools have cultural fests centring around Bajirao Mastani songs and no Independence Day celebration is complete without “Mere desh ki Dharti sona ugle, Ae mere pyaare watan, ae mere bichde Chaman” and some more! They touch a chord even after 71 years of Independence, and the eyes well up!

I strongly believe that our Indian DNA has a fifth component, after ATGC, which is the ‘M‘, 😁! M for music n that too, music from the movies! Movies without songs are like pizza without cheese! A new trend was coming on with the new generation actors actually wanting to speak all and emote all! Sitting through a feature film was getting a bit onerous with dark characters and dark walls and no songs at all. But thank the Almighty that sense prevailed and actors too started singing!!

So songs are here to stay. They will give us the impetus to be expressive without desperation and without spending much from our limited vocabulary! Everyone can be a Ghalib or a Gulzar – hearts will continue getting conquered with the borrowed lyrics and melody.

22 thoughts on “In for a song.

  1. Yes Sus! So true. I feel lucky to belong to a gen who have been able to adept to different kinds of music. Being a bong is an advantage where you get to know Rabindra Sangeet. It’s unique and there’s always a song to every single given situation of one’s life. Sad or happy you have a song close to you which is therapeutic as well making you believe that Tagore had also had experiences as your own!
    Songs you listen to are expressions of your then state of mind.
    Gaata rahe mera dil. …..

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  2. Being a manufacturer of radios and seller of musical components, i am very very much connected to music and radio. From the valveset radio to cartape cassette player to present digital musical instrumentation, i have seen and listen everything….
    ‘Wiwid bharati’ & all India radio is my all time favourite.
    Even today these radio stations gets songs ‘farmaaishh’ from army, navy and airforce everyday..being a soldier you can better understand the value of radio sets to an army and airforce person……

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      1. Really??? Thank you!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒβ€β€β€ I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I see my music diary making someone else smile too. Thank you so much, means a lot.❀

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  3. songs – they take us through the drag od a dreary day!! Thanks to headphones. I sometimes hearing the same songs many times, and now thanks to ARR and Ilayaraja – you can listen in multiple languages too and then add the covers … wow, the variety goes on and on … bring them on…

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